Ahhh...quitcherbeefin, it's only rain!

We live in a very strange place, Southern California. On one hand, our region is comprised of coastal desert, with an ocean on the far left, and the Laguna/Sierra mountain range to the right. We don't get much in the way of precipitation (about six inches per year average), so you would think that folks would welcome every storm we get with open arms. After all, if six measly inches of precip is about average, then why the fuss?

As it is, Southern Californians have been spoiled by the amount of sunshine we recieve over the year. So much so, in fact, that any rainstorm that gives our area a good soaking is cursed by the masses! As if we are saying to our Creator that His "water delivery system" sucks the big, green weenie!

To that, I say this: "STOP WITH YOUR COMPLAINTS, AND BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE!" As a Pacific Northwest boy (Born in DC, bred in Monmouth, Oregon), I will tell you that you So-Calis are getting off easy! The amount of rainfall from the last storm? Up north, we get that much in two days. And as for the rain being "inconvienent"? Maybe for you folks working on a few melanomas, but with the water situation we are in now? I'd rather have a few more days of downpours than bake to death, thank you very kindly!

So, folks, when the next rainstorm's a'coming? Button down your windows, pop some Enya in the CD machine, brew up a pot of your favorite hot beverage...then sit back and watch the show! Besides, a good, heavy rainstorm actually is a natural sleeping aid...I know I rest easier hearing the rain on my roof! --RKJ


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