Whatever happened to the two brothers Vito and Alfonso, who used to own Little Roma Italian restaurant?

Whatever happened to two brothers Vito and Alfonso, who owned the Italian restaurant Little Roma Restaurant in La Mesa? I moved away from La Mesa in 2000 and was saddened to see it run by a horrible family that takes pride in serving Chef Boyardee with the worst, arrogant, and rudest service! The cook actually argued with me on the Spaghetti Carbonara on how authentic and how good it was! However, when you see the eggs are scrambled in the pasta you kind of lose credibility as a cook. The guy who owned Little Roma was a smug cocky Sopranos wannabe and was convinced that he had the greatest restaurant in California.

Formerly the two brothers, Vito and Alfonso, co-owned Little Roma in La Mesa with a woman, during the time I lived in La Mesa from 1997 to 2000. Vito and Alfonso ran the restaurant at night and did deliveries, while the lady opened up and ran the lunch period.
I know both, Vito and Alfonso wanted to move and open their own restaurant in San Diego, but do not know where. I would gladly drive from Oceanside any day of the week to meet up again with them and be served the best Italian food this side of Venice! Does anyone know what happened to them? They were great characters, great cooks, and superior with their customers!


No argument on the attitude of the owners. I think my wife and I would eat there more often if we knew which mood would prevail that evening. Their daughter is quite service oriented and much more pleasant to deal with as is another waitress I've had in the past, but Joe is always in a bad mood and Rosa runs hot and cold. As far as the food, for us it's great. I wouldn't know carbonera from carbon credits though so spaghetti and meatballs is the norm for us and it's fine.

Even though I've lived in La Mesa since '79, I never knew the previous owners, but they sounded like a good team.

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