People are different

Sounds like the most obviuous statement of all time right? But I mean really different....Like scary different, and it is amazing to me how that translates to what see everyday. I like shopping at Target. The store is clean, the staff is helpful, the store just makes me feel good. Probably the only thing that I don't like is how strict they are on returns. A couple of nights ago, I found myself running into Walmart. Now with Walmart, I get what I feel are lower prices, but the store feels dirtier than Target, the employees alot less likely to help, and the reason for this blog....the customers can be downright scary. I mean I am seeing people that make me put my hand on my wallet and wonder where are these people from? It made me feel like I was walking in some bad part of El Cajon. I relayed the story to someone who told me, "you've been to the website right?"...Lo and behold is presented to me. The pictures are priceless and I realize it's not just the Santee Walmart. Walmarts everywhere bring out the best consumers. Now I feel scared for society. This is the Walmart effect, not putting small businesses out of business but rather eradicating the fabric of society and of the norm. I woke up this am and went for 7/11 for chocolate milk, they were out, so I drove down to Circle K, and you know what? I found all of those same characters that I would see at Walmart. So the difference from Target to Walmart radiates down to the local mini mart. Scary people shop togther and I am dumbfunded how they all find the same stores....they must radar like bats or the internal navigation of some whale during migration. Whatever it is , I am just glad my pic is not up on that website, and I can wake up tomorrow feeling good about myself.

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LOL What interesting observations! I better stop shopping at Wal-Mart, don't want my pic up on the site! :)

One of our Uncle PistolPete's favorite sites. I have to say, though, I LOVE the frontpage dude today. He's not scary at all! Crazy, perhaps, but not in a SCARY way. Mr. Valentine! (February 14, "Happy V-Day!")

And I gotta say, scrolling down, I'm right there with the site author regarding mariachi bands. There better be some kickass comida and a cold margarita coming with that sh*t.

LULZ! Before coming back here, I stopped by our friends at Wally World.

WalMart is the Big Blue Borg.

Try not to get assimilated.

Random noon margarita-induced thought: How funny would THAT be? Like inside the WalBorg, there are all these PeopleOfWalMart folks that have been beamed up and assimilated. They're all in their little cocoon-cubicles, all tricked out in the usual biomechanical Borggery, but still wearing their goin'-to-WalMart duds. Like this guy:

And this one: (on a Rascal, no less)

And this one:

You get the idea. Pepper spray wouldn't stop them, either. They'd just huff it like paint, resulting in a Popeye/Spinach effect.

What s*** would that be, AG?

By the way, there appears to be some controversy over the first pic, the man in the purple leotard, seems from the comments that it was photoshopped. I like I like reading the comments, not to mention the screennames, as much as I like the pictures.

People so clever.

I've only commented on a few pics. I go under the name FIB on there.

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