My son

Yesterday I took my wife and son from the maternity hospital. Today our baby is 7 days old. He has so small hands and fingers... I suppose so I forgot about my first son, when he was born. Maybe. It seems this was so many years ago...

And now he's almost 14 and he has a girlfriend. In the words of one my good friend "Time flies, as a seagull for bread". )) She was absolutely right.

Bums (it's beat the clock)! And he already went at school.

Bums! He received his a very bad grade and a first bruise under his eyes.

Bums! He has a girlfriend! Geez, I think that next "bums" I'll be a grandfather. I'm not ready for this...

I myself sometimes feel like a child and I can play football with him or something. All recurs? First steps, first deuces at school, the first girl ... Oh my God, I am turning into a sickener with philosophical bias.

My words does not mean that I'm not glad the birth of a son. I am very happy! But such thoughts have visited. Perhaps, I had to go to sleep, rather than digging in my head. So, I would like to know that my wife thinks about it, what thoughts visit my beautiful half. But she so happy now that spoil her vacant mood I don't want.

Well, our baby woke up.

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wonderful, ovod! congratulations on your sweet new exciting! thank you for writing this...

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