The first Day Of School

Oh My gosh! I can't believe it. I am 40 and I am going to be a freshman all over again. What have I gotten myself into this time as I sit here writing this. I am too old to be a freshman. I remember being a freshman and looking at people my age and laughing at them for being at school so late in their years. Were they losers and didn't get a college education when they were young?. Did they really think that no one noticed how OLD they were, and their old fashioned clothes. Did the older men just want to pick up us younger girls, yuck, just thinking that. Well, here I am wondering if people are going to say the same things about me. Of course they would be correct about the picking up of younger guys wink wink. I have four fur children though, one of which is my service dog Ike, so I carry too much baggage for a younger man. Ike will be a big part of this blog since he goes EVERyWHERE with me. He hates shopping ( it's a guy thing no matter what species), loves Starbucks La Madeline cookies, and most of all, to swim!!. I hope their are no fountains on campus or we might be getting wet.

About me: 5 feet tall, 100 lbs with blonde hair and blue eyes. Ike, he is the handsome one with a black mane, long eyelashes, beautiful white teeth and a beard to die for. I have just had my 90th surgery in the past 8 years. I lost two muscles in my leg that makes it hard for me to walk, so I got Ike about two years ago to help me walk, pick things up for me if I drop them, ect. I have had major staph infections several times, ended up in intensive care after an over zealous Dr overdosed me on Methadone....yeah, breathing is not overated no matter what you hear!. Please keep giving blood as I have to have many transfusions. I wonder who's blood I have coursing through my veins?? Can I blame them for the thoughts I put down in this blog if you don't like them??? Thoughts for another day perhaps.

Back to the school thing. If I do go I will be starting as a Freshman again. I already have a B.A in Psychology from a school back east. I'm not sure if I will blog about that experience but maybe so.

Ahhhh College...the hopes and dreams of youth. I just hope and dream that my 90 surgery body can make it to school. I am on the 12 step program, take 12 steps at a time and hopefully Ike and I will make it to the classroom.

Ike hopes you will read his blog entries too. Until then we hope your not allergic to Ike or my writing...see you out and about in Vista!


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