It's really not easy to go to a brunch if you are handicapped with a service dog. Ike and I attempted to go to brunch on Easter at Monterray Bay Cannery in Oceanside. First off all the parking was gone, not a handicapped space or any space for that matter within a 1 mile radius, so we waited, and we waited, like a buzzard circling it's kill, for a parking spot. I didn't think Easter was so popular, guess I just don't know the score, do I?. So, we finally got a spot, but still had to wait for my friend to arrive who had a late night date, one that lasted until the next day, you know what I mean!. Same clothes, same hairdo as the night she went out. She arrived only 10 minutes late which if it had been me, and I had gone out clubbing the night before and a hot date, no way I would show up for brunch with a married couple and their dog of all things!. We got seated and then the fun began, haha. The line was suppossed to be two lines but somehow they were merged into one. One line was for the " make your omelet", "carving station" and WAFFLES. I guess you can tell which one I was going for but alas, the line never moved. The people making their omlet were so slow. "maybe I'll have ham..or..no...maybe...cheese....or no....see what I mean. This line just didn't budge, so much for yummy waffles!. Ike and I tried to make our way back to the other now merged line. People were acting like it was the last meal they will ever have. Pushing and shoving like it was Toy's R Us when Cabbage patch dolls were about to be sold out, come on now, it's only bacon!. We go through the line, salad(can have that at home), Pasta( can have that at home), Fruit( I don't do fruit), somekind of fish pate...just yuck, and then the one thing I liked, crab legs.!! Being from New England originally it is sacreligious to eat seafood with anything other than drawn butter which I then had to ask for. Why wasn't it out on the buffet??? Cocktail sauce is offered but not butter. I guess that's what I get for moving to California. You Californians put lobster in Taco's, are you nuts?. Back to the table we try to go, being blocked from every avenue. Now, with my illness, ANY bump or bruise can send me to the hospital for surgery so people walking into me, pushing me, is really not a good thing. I had surgery on Christmas because on Christmas Eve some woman ran into my leg with her shopping cart. She continued on her Merry Christmas way, I went bahumbugingly to the hospital for two surgeries. ( don't really think it's a word but that is how I felt at the time). Ike and I struggled but finally got back to the table where we put our plate down and sat down with relief. My dining companions looked at me, their mouths wide open..."what" said I. They just shook their head in amazement that I could be gone 1/2 hour and came back with one crab leg and two pieces of bacon. Their plates were full, jammed , and so were their open gaping mouths.ewww. How could I have been gone so long and have nothing, I'll tell you why..because I couldn't stand long enough in line without my leg totally killing me. You see, I am just weeks out from my last surgery which took place March 21st. The car door shut on my leg this time, so I can't really blame anyone but my car. My leg is still swollen and bleeding, but at least the surgeries are over for now. So, standing in the long lines was just not feasible for me, even wiith Ike helping me. So, my companions enjoyed their brunch, Ike was stuck under the table, and I was starving. I went to get up one more time to check out the dessert, yes, I have a sweet tooth. I got not even half way when the couple who had commented on Ike when we were in line, now stopped me to talk about Ike. I don't mind talking about Ike, as he is the reason I can make it out, but I was standing in the firing zone of people trying to get to the buffett. I could see it happening, someone in the rush of getting the last cream puff will cream me and off to the hospital for another Holiday I go. The nice couple asked me about Ike and how he helps me, and to comment on how well behaved he is. When Ike is working he is all business, don't try to pet him because he will pull back from your reach!. Ike was trained to keep his eye on the prize, me!. When Ike is not working though he is like any other dog, barking and chasing imaginary bunnies and swimming in our pool, year round...crazy dog. While I was explaining my Ike's service criteria, my companions had gone and come back from the dessert table. I look longingly over at their plates and let out a sigh. The couple I was talking to took the sigh as a sigh for all the things Ike does for me, and continued to ask me questions. They did have one great suggestion though, they said I was so nice and knowledgeable about the subject matter that I should write a book, or be a public speaker, any one out there want Ike and I to come and speak at your next meeting?. For now, I will work on this blog!. I went back to my seat with Ike who went back under the table. No need for that though as my companions where now moaning and groaning "We ate too much". I gave them what I hoped would be a razor sharp glare right into their full faces, and said " I suppose you want a nap now"... I mean it's not their fault that I didn't get anything to eat but still, maybe some sympathy for the one with the growling stomach. Even Ike had a special breakfast of Kibble with some cookies on the side. I would like to say I have a moral from this story, or that I gained some insight on how I should handle a buffett again in the future, but really, all I learned is to be afraid of hungry people, don't talk to strangers when you are hurt as they take up all your standing time, and not to go to a buffett on a Holiday. At least we got a parking spot, right:)))


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