stupid feckin' reader blog template

first it won't feckin' tab over to feckin' indent a feckin' line (as with a new feckin' paragraph of a prose piece or a poem) or print multiple feckin' spaces in front of the feckin' words of my feckin' poem (a couple of lines of which are indented) but instead the stupid feckin' reader blog template feckin' ignores the spaces and starts the line with the word aligned at left and even if you put 5 or 6 feckin' spaces in between words on the same feckin' line, it ignores all but one feckin' space in between the two feckin' words you feckin' intentionally feckin' separated by more than one feckin' space. THEN when i despair of the whole god damned motherfeckin' enterprise and just write 'feck it' but with a 'u' instead of an 'e' i get this dark red warning that says "Watch your mouth! The word 'f--k' is not allowed here!"

so feck it.


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