Reaching for the Light

I've been sitting here for hours. hours.

Trying not to spend money. Trying not to eat (again). Trying not to drink out of boredom. slippery slope.

I took too many pictures on the trip. I made too many tiny little videos. I try putting them into windowslivemoviemaker all at once, but then there are too many to move them around and edit.

I can't figure out the trim and the split functions. I sign in with a windows id and some other chicks name shows up. whaaatt? with my password. ???

I saved it twice, then today deleted it. Not the photos, the giant movie to be edited. The giant show.

Need to start again. One frame at a time. Adding not subtracting.

Like a painting, not a sculpture. Always better with pen and ink then plaster.

Trying to figure out where the standing water is, why i've got so many mosquito bites. It's hiding from me.

Planning to write a book with a friend. One we think there is a demand for, at least from those of us living in North County in the 70s- just in the early thinking stages, but we're both excited. May take us years, may take us months (probably years i'm thinking) but for us, it will be a testament to days gone by, a fond look back.

Enjoyed reading all the posts from the people I adore here on the reader blogs. Takes me away from myself, and up to 32nd street with the bees and cabbages and america's most wanted. Or up to Rodeo drive with fictionwriter :)

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oh hunnypants...i wish i could help but i'm as dumb as a door nob about doing movie thingies

try to have a happy Sunday anyway and does the garden need u??

Slippery slopes. We've all been on 'em.

sorry for your wobbles - enjoy your writing -

hey babe....Train Trip!!!!!!!!!!

the trip thru Santa Barbara is quite splendiferous

did u know that Amtrak starts in San Diego and goes all the way to the Canadian border!!!

one heck of a trip hunnyshorts

with interesting stops all along the way

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