How beautiful the flags are when they wave on the masts.

Recently in the Olympics Games of Athens and in the Beijing too we had the chance to see almost all the flags of countries of the world, all meeting and with much festivities and joy that culminated with consecrating of the medallists in the podium and with their National Anthems for champions.

The flags of the most different colors format and drawings, all very pretty, had made one spectacle the part in the opening of the Event that represents the biggest happiness between the peoples.

The flags are a symbol and pride of each country and all the citizens have the biggest respect for the flag of their countries.

And still more, countries must have much more respect for the flags of others, as well as if they respect their neighbors.

Therefore, it's very hard and breaks my heart when I see the TV disrespect the flags of other countries. American, Israeli, Iraqi, Korean or other countries flag’s are burnt and stepped on and it’s true acts of vandalism, disrespect and COWARDICE that need to be punished severely by the local authorities, no matter the country.

The United Nations needs to create a resolution so that all countries have laws that they punish the practitioners of such acts.

I give the idea for reflection and discussion by all!

Carlos Alberto Tortoza [email protected]

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