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Walmart pumps $515,000 through Encinitas-based dark money group

Arkansas discount giant that bought its Oceanside liquor license from "Papa Doug" Manchester flexes political muscle using cash from North County-based 501 (c) 4 non-profit

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County Office of Education hit with warning letter over travel freebies

Long running state political watchdog's investigation of controversial conduct of education office ends with a whimper as agency told not to break law again

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Papa Doug hawks his hotel's booze license to Walmart

While blasting Jacobs-backed Democrat Fletcher for "disdain" of Arkansas retail giant, Faulconer-favoring GOP publisher quietly sells $65,000 liquor license to Walmart

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Obama data whiz paid by Jacobs-backed Fletcher campaign

Big data maven from Berkeley business school specializing in crunching numbers on individual voters gets $11,500 so far from newly minted Democrat

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Papa Doug hasn't forgotten Carl D.

U-T San Diego publisher and hotel magnate chips in $5000 to Carl DeMaio committee owing big money to the candidate himself.

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A Bilbray, not Brian, runs for Congress

Daughter of Democratic Nevada ex-congressman Jim Bilbray, cousin of San Diego's Brian Bilbray, is a candidate for swing district congressional seat

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Papa Jacobs gives $37,500 in growing proxy battle with GOP's Manchester

Qualcomm founder and La Jolla Democratic billionaire antes up for Nathan Fletcher as war of the super rich white guys glows white hot

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Democrat Jacobs rips GOP's Lincoln Club in mega-millionaires' political war

Qualcomm CEO defends virtue of cell phone giant and its newly minted Democratic executive, demands "full apology and retraction" of "slanderous attack on our company"

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GOP fat cats go after super rich Qualcomm Democrats in mayoral proxy war hit piece

Wealthy Republicans target Qualcomm's Nathan Fletcher, and by implication, firm founder and billionaire Democrat Irwin Jacobs in season's first hit piece

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San Diego State marijuana lobbyist and big back taxes

Sacramento paper breaks story about troubles of fabled mega million-dollar influence peddling firm founded by SDSU alum

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Miramar's air show and military contractor bash cancelled by D.C. politics?

Comments by aide to GOP's Hunter suggest shutdown of Marine air show backed by military contractor cash is Obama political move

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Donor in big money Filner border scandal turns to Fletcher

Moneyman who gave $56,000 to Bob Filner, key booster of controversial sole-source "Bajagua" plan to treat U.S. sewage in Mexico, shows up on disclosure of Qualcomm-favored Democrat

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More mobster friend Molasky money for San Diego GOP

Las Vegas developer, investigative focus of Iowa Republican senator in San Diego FBI building Chinese money intrigue, forks over for Faulconer and the GOP

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San Diego pols got lots of Del Mar fair freebies

Political party class uses public clout to obtain and distribute free admissions to fair and rock concerts

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Predator drone maker and pot foe throws down for San Diego GOP

Uranium miner General Atomics, maker of deadly drones and other high-tech battle gear, joins the war for San Diego mayor

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GOP fat cats set to party hearty at Manchester resort this weekend

Exclusive California Republican Leadership fund kicks off high-end cash raising event with Friday golf tournament and lavish party closed to media at publishing magnate's Grand del Mar

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AFSCME rolls for Alvarez; GOP spends for Faulconer

Labor vs. capital vs. not so idle rich, as special interests continue to shovel big money into San Diego mayor's race

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Mayoral battle joined as billionaire Jacobs goes for Fletcher

$1000 likely first volley in cash war between George Soros Democrat Jacobs and Koch brothers-linked Republican publisher and hotel mogul Manchester

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San Diego's freest traveling member of congress on the road, again

Chronically junketing California Democrat Susan Davis heads off for Ethiopia to hear about the evils of Chinese investment in the African continent

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Billboard cash attempts mayor's race influence

Money from one of nation's biggest billboard companies flows to GOP's Faulconer and Democrat Alvarez as battle to loosen city's outdoor advertising regulations comes to mayoral campaign


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