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Bubble Bursting at the California Electronic Music Exchange Concert - UCSD

This year's California Electronic Music Exchange Concert features musicians from across the state, and will include the dismantling of a 'nuclear bomb'

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High Explosive Munitions Testing to Occur at Camp Pendleton

This Wednesday and Thursday detonations from aircraft may be heard as far as San Diego.

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San Diego is a Target on North Korea's Attack Map

North Korea threatens to strike the United States - San Diego may be on the list.

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Drones at Home Town Hall

A conversation open to the public regarding drone policy and ethics. This is part of the Drones at Home series at the [email protected] on UCSD's campus.

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Secret Sci-Fi-Surrealist-Soul

A new San Diego music project has finally been let out of the bag. Taj Easton along with Zack and Shelby Wentz have embarked upon a new concept-band called (Charles) Book&Record, which they kept under tight wraps for over a year. Their debut album Leftover Magic is comprised of eleven ...

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The Great PiL Show Swindle

Retox opens for PiL at House of Blues and gets over 70 people into the show for free. Also, a mini PiL set review, Justin Pearson meets Johnny Rotten, and more spit.

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Nothing Happens Gallery

There is gallery in San Diego where nothing happens. No matter how good the submissions are, all art is rejected, and this is understood. This guaranteed rejection policy is a central idea behind the Nothing Happens Gallery - that and the fact that all submissions are buried in a hole ...

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Tijuana Based Dancing Strangers Release Video: The Politician

Sounding perhaps like a modern-day Joy Division from Tijuana, Dancing Strangers released a video for a song titled The Politician on October 1st. Directed by César Ortiz, the video was inspired by the BBC television show Top of the Pops, which featured live performances of each week's top selling bands. ...

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Fresh Sound on John Cage's 100th Birthday

The Fresh Sound series returns to Space 4 Art, Wednesday September 5th. As the series often highlights experimental approaches to music making it is quite fitting that this installment will take place on John Cage’s 100th birthday. To help commemorate the date, a new version of the late experimental sound-artist’s ...

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Secret Show Today - Sleeping People, Devfits, Housewives

On the heels of a triumphant return from a three year long hiatus, Sleeping People will play the last of their slew of recent shows. Due to the Soda Bar show they played Friday night, today's show at The Victory Theater was not officially announced until very recently. Unlike Friday ...

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Mars Landing in the Dome

On Sunday night, August 5th at 10:31pm, Nasa’s rover Curiosity will land on Mars. The Science Center will be streaming the live Nasa feed in the Heikoff Dome Theater as our species attempts to put it’s most scientifically equipped, dune buggy sized space-robot on the Marian surface in search of ...

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The Center for Research in Computing and the Arts gets Cut at UCSD

After 40 years of influencing the field, the UCSD-based powerhouse of an entity known as the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA) got it’s plug pulled. The organization is no longer what the university refers to as an Organized Research Unit (ORU), as of July 1st. These ...

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Do Anything at Space 4 Art - Including Alien Genitalia.

Synchronized with the start of Comic Con, the downtown gallery Space 4 Art will be hosting a related event entitled Do Anything. The Show includes a screening of Strange Attractors: Investigations in Non-Humanoid Extraterrestrial Sexualities, a 120 minute DVD which accompanies a book of the same title, jointly published by ...


Vegan Evolution Fast Food

After eating a pescetarian diet for a year, the pro-wrestlers of my mind have settled on a few key ideas. 1. In accordance with the laws of physics I have no problem with the transfer of energy. After all, that's what calories are (energy). 2. Since I don't like the ...

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The Kids of the Universal Language Orchestra are Set to Play in Spring Valley

Comprised of members between the ages of 8-12, the Universal Language Orchestra will be preforming their experimental compositions at the Community Center of the Sweetwater Summit Regional Park this Friday. The group will use graphic scores they made, highlighting innovative playing techniques on their quirky, invented instruments. “The Festival ...

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Robin Roth becomes Music Director at 91X

Robin Roth is now Music Director at 91X, effective immediately. In addition to her midday show at 91X (Monday - Friday 10AM - 2PM), Roth also organizes a few club nights around town: Club Sabbat, Club Ascension, and Club Pussy Galore. Via text messages during her show today, Robin Roth ...

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Drones at Home - Phase III Begins

According to several major media sources, US drone strikes have increased in Pakistan over the weekend: 3 strikes in 3 consecutive days (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday). Pakistan, a member of The Nuclear Club, has been publicly demanding an end to the drone strikes, to no avail. The US announced that ...

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There Goes the Neighborhood (North Park)

A 4 day event entitled There Goes the Neighborhood! will be engaging the community of North Park Thursday May 31st through Sunday June 3rd. The series of workshops, talks, installations, performances, and tours, includes an event at UCSD and happenings at the San Diego Museum of Art. This will be ...

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Checking Out Science Center Membership Cards from the Library

Membership cards for the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center are available for check out at San Diego public libraries. One membership card grants two adults and up to six children entry to the Science Center's exhibitions, including Kid City, the Gallery of Illusions and Perceptions, Look! Touch! Listen!, and beginning ...

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Drones at Home

On May 11 & 12 (Friday and Saturday), phase II of the Drones at Home project will occur on UCSD's campus. "The conference consists of a series of panels, screenings, and open sessions that explore issues related to the domestication of drones — whether in the context of warfare, science ...


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