No Confidence Vote For SUHSD Superintendent Ed Brand Being Circulated

No Confidence Vote for Sweetwater Union HS District Interim Superintendent Edward Brand

Dr. Edward Brand has made several questionable decisions since his return as Interim Superintendent of the Sweetwater Union High School District.  Most recently, he eliminated bus routes and increased walking distances for students in excess of 3 1/2 miles, opened school boundaries throughout the district causing significant overcrowding at certain schools, spent over $500,000 to remove a pile of dirt from a school campus, authorized the spending of millions of dollars in mello Roos & Prop O Construction funds to purchase iPads,  used district funds to start and fund a charter school for pre-school and elementary school students, authorized the borrowing of Mello Roos funds to cover district payroll and operating expenses, and is planning to start another charter school that focuses on elementary aged children during the next school year. 

The elimination of bus routes  has put students personal safety at risk as they battle increased vehicle traffic, walk long distances with heavy backpacks, and are exposed to criminals and sex offenders during their travel to and from school.  This decision was made to save $800,000 in the budget.  This $800,000  savings was negated when over $500,000 was spent on the removal of unauthorized contaminated soil placed on the campus of Southwest High School.

The overcrowding caused by the open boundary decision has created crowded classes that are not conducive to student learning, created significant traffic & logistical problems for teachers and staff and caused many class changes for students after the 6th week of instruction.

Under Dr. Brand's leadership, Mello Roos funds continue to be used outside of the disticts they were intended to serve and for purposes that do not fall into authorized uses for these funds.  The use of nearly $2 million in mello roos funds for iPads for all 7th graders is one example of the abuses the mello roos funds.  At the July 2012 board meeting, Dr. Brand convinced the school board to vote to increase mello roos funds by an additional 2%.  This was done without notice to the public and solicitation of public input. The district also continues to borrow from the mello roos funds to the tune of $67 million to cover payroll and operating expenses, like funding charter schools that do not serve the  grade 7-12 student population   Under Dr. Brand's leadership, the district has not engaged in any programs designed to improve academic achievement.  Dr. Brand's attention is focused only on raising money  to fund programs unrelated to academic achievement and the financing of political campaigns for board members to support his non academic agenda.

If you are resident/taxpayer of Chula Vista, National City, Imperial Beach, San Ysidro, or areas of San Diego served by the Sweetwater Union High School District, a parent of a sweetwater union student, a teacher or other employee of the sweetwater union district, you should sign this petition to register your vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the Interim Superintendent Edward Brand.  Your vote of NO CONFIDENCE will send a strong message to the board members who are considering awarding this superintendent a new 2 year contract.   By signing this petition, you send the message to the School Board Trustees that you want them to start the National Search for a New Superintendent as they promised to do over a year ago.  The time for unity and courage is now!  Together this community can affect postive change for our students.

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Wow, thanks for hitting the nail on the head Reader. I'm grateful to your courage for telling it like it is. Beware Brand is a control freak and will be contacting you to threaten you with my tax dollars,count on it. Thanks for being the light in our time of darkness.

perhaps an email could be sent to all of the board members directing them to read this blog. the community is indeed fed up and at last WE ARE UNITED. as united as we were back in june of 2011, as united as we were at the hilltop high meeting, as united as we were at the sweetwater meeting.

we were promised much by ed brand and our board yet they have delivered nothing but gut wrenching blows that affect our children and our pocket books. too bad john mccann brokered the brand deal without public input - perhaps if the taxpayers would have been given an opportunity to comment on the superintendent position brands past would have been brought to our attention.

the next time someone makes the statement "i have sweetwater running thru my blood" as brand did we should ask when did you have the transfusion, and WHO was the donor.

Bvagency good research, I'm now your greatest fan.

The Sweetwater saga only gets worse and worse! Get rid of this guy he is a ego maniac! I did a little research on this Brand guy and also found out some information about the compact for success and his ego. Now I know that this is in the best interest of the students so he says but has this board ever asked for numbers and followed students achievements. With the number of students that graduate or not from Sweetwater you would think that they would want to see some kind of information. They have people on the payroll at the district or at SDSU, the compact is not free.
The compact has been tweaked over and over again so that students don't have to achieve much to be part of it kind of like this superintendent and board expectations are always lowered so that they can be just a little bit above the bar which we all know they are not. Do these people that sit on the board have any ethics or do they care. What a sick sick district you people have that is why there is no money for anything but to pad this guys pockets for pet projects. It seems like the people posting know and care more about the kids than the people that are making the decisions.

with the number of facts that were presented in this blog one might question what the board is waiting for - why hasn't a search begun for a new competent focused superintendent.

surely the board is not oblivious to all of this - surely they realize brand is not the person for the job.

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