Hard times test our faith. Serra Mesa has a classroom for that

Lately I have been going through some hard times. School has been difficult with the pressure to get good grades for college. Money has been tight, and the stress goes on. But the one thing that can make my world calm down is here in Serra Mesa. It's my church.

I go to St. Columba on Glencolum Drive every Tuesday for confirmation classes and in those classes I not only learn about God but I learn about myself.

I have been going to church class since the second grade and this is my last year. Each year it seemed like I was learning the same thing but this year feels different. I think it’s because now I get to choose the way I look at my religion, I can now make the choice whether I really want to be take a part in the Catholic Church.

A lot of people my age look at these classes as a chore, especially if they went to Sunday Mass already. I must admit I have felt like that, but after the last couple of classes I really have opened up my faith to God. Many in my classes have dropped out since they already had a lot to do on week nights, but I figure I have to finish what I started. It's my last year before Confirmation.

Yesterday in class we did a meditation exercise to help us relax but also to visualize a Bible reading. Our teachers know how to reach us as teenagers. They relate modern meanings to the Bible passages we read together.

St Columba is a friendly church; it really is a holy place, filled with kindness. I think it's rough times like the ones my family and I are experiencing that test our faith in God. I believe things get better. I believe I'll pass this test.

-Bianca Sanchez-


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