Spin, Spin, Spin

As I watched Kevin Faulconer and Tony Young on KUSI this morning, it struck me how dishonest they both were. They both seem to deny the things they and the Mayor have done to strip protection from the citizens of San Diego. They say "No fire dept. personnel have been laid off." While this is technically correct, it's not the reality. I ask for clarification between laying off and forcing retirement by changing the terms of retirement, then not replacing those people. To me, when you cut hundreds of people from the department, by whatever means you use, you have still cut hundreds of people. Then the idea that the 2 people who have already died due to these cuts weren't really dead because of response time. Hey, Tony & Kevin, these 2 people are still dead! The fact that some people even think it could be because of response time should be a signal that it's time to reconsider your actions! To simply deny this out of hand is just crazy. The possibility of legal action arising from the reduction in public safety could cost the city more than all of the savings combined, even if the city wins! When the Mayor was confronted with the possibility of law suits, his response was "Bring it on ...... I'll be gone before they get to court anyway" Way to go Mr. Strong Mayor.

In another area of spin, this just in. We are learning more about the new "Health Care" bill. It seems that it's also the "Hire More IRS Agents" bill and the "Grants for Black Colleges" bill. If the IRS needs more agents, we need to hire them, but that's not part of health care, is it? As for more college funding, it's a vital part of our entire educational system, but black colleges only? Why not spread that money between all races and all schools? Oh, one other thing - is that part of health care? In my last blog I mentioned that congress hides things that embarass them in other bills. This is the perfect example.

Finally, today, I am really worried about this City and our Country. It seems that folks here just don't get too excited about bad government, corruption, and criminal activity in our government. The Reader has run a story about the Mayor's office being investigated by the FBI for criminal activities, yet no other news media in the area has picked this up. There is actually a PAC in favor of the strong Mayor vote, but no group opposed. How can an entire City ignore a criminal being given more and more power making it even easier to steal from the people. Now, in the latest news, the Mayor has become the authority over other corrupt City officials. Isn't that akin to making Al Capone head of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in Chicago? Of course it could just be the "it takes one to know one" mentality. I don't know, folks, but I'd love to know what you think.


Dave, you are right on!! This town is run by the UT! By the way, have you checked into who the Mayor has hired into his little office circle over the past couple of years? I think some of those names were once UT writers. Now the mouths of the UT are city employees working for the Mayor and his political hacks. Regular citizens and working class people of San Diego are being controlled by this rag! Wake up everybody! If reducing the number of fire engines isn't dangerous why the brown-outs? Why not shut the things down permanently! You know why? Because it is dangerous! City Hall will play it out as long as they can to save a buck. Seems even when one of our fellow citizens is dead we just blame it all on others. Man what modern day leadership! The politicians of this city have gambled with public safety for years and years. Two of California's biggest wild fires ran though this city, people are dying because lack of equipment and staffing and its all covered up with the help of their pals at the UT. There is only about ten thousand union city workers and you want me to believe the city is broke because of their pay and benefits? Hard to believe! There are about 1.3 million citizens in the City of San Diego. Funny how its never government mismanagement or back room deals. No, it's always the blue collar workers with none of the power in this town causing all the problems. Have you ever heard city hall take any blame in this mess? No you don't. they will tell us we need new revenue to support services. Well why don't you cut some of the fluff that takes my taxes dollars from the general fund! I want my tax dollar to pay for Safety Services, staffing and equipment. What are the priorities of this city anyway? I have lost all faith in local leaders. I'm a registered voter and will making my voice heard in all of the next elections and what ever future elections it will take to get some true leadership in this city. Wake up fellow citizens! Educate and arm yourself with the truth! You wont get it from city hall or the UT!

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