Digital Billboards WHY??

I can't think of a single good reason why I would want digital billboards in my neighborhood. Isn't it enough that there are advertisements popping up on my iphone when I'm playing Words with Friends, and advertisements looking back at me on my grocery shopping cart, but now, in your face bright, flashing, billboards, distracting me while I'm trying to focus on driving, is something I KNOW I can do without. I DVR my favorite weekly TV shows so I can fast forward through the commercials. Are we not in economic times calling for conservation of energy? How are digital billboards contributing to conversation of energy?

Will the Oceanside City Council agree with me when taking a vote to approve or disapprove amendments to sign ordinances which would allow digital billboards? I'll be at the City Council Public Hearing Wednesday March 28 at 5:00 pm to make my official comments about how unregulated signage in our communities will greatly reduce the quality of life where we live.

I hope the city council follows their mission to "...serve the best interests of all citizens and ensure that Oceanside is a desirable place to live, work, do business, and to visit." when voting to approve or disapprove this amendment to the ordinance.

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In 10 more years our cities will look the set of "Blade Runner".

You obviously are not a business owner. I like the digital billboards for the very reason you said: people like you are fast forwarding through my TV commercials (aka I'm wasting my money). Billboards are an affordable way for me to advertise and they work for me.

ZekeC Actually I am a small business owner, and also have been in marketing and sales for 25 years. I've found in my past experiences that target marketing, rather than blanket marketing, has been much more successful for me. Reaching those people that are most likely to buy my product/services through web, events my target market is likely to visit, sampling, focus groups, cost much less and has been much more effective than blanketing the advertisement to everyone. I personally prefer to learn about products and services, that I might be interested in, in a less obtrusive way than billboards, or phone calls during dinner. I prefer to visit places like New York city Times Square and Las Vegas strip than live in the middle of it. This is just my opinion based on my tastes and past experiences.

I agree there should be no digital billboards in Oceanside. They are a visual blight and will only serve to degrade our beautiful coastal community. Also, having recently visited Los Angeles I can tell you only large, national companies are doing the advertising using digital billboards. Infinity, Showtime, liquor manufacturers, etc. It would seem small businesses can not afford the rates.

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