Voters Wake Up!

Well here it is on the eve of the Vice Presidential Debate, and I'm still attempting to recover from the Presidential debate. I watched the event with great interest, and after thought that Obama's presentations were lethargic but generally factual. After viewing MSNBC and seeing Chris Mathews go crazy over the President's poor performance, I was forced to take a closer look and reviewed my DVR version of the proceedings . President Obama appeared to be really out of character...not his energetic self. He was too professorial and overly presidential. He seldom made eye contact with Romney or the viewing audience, and seemed preoccupied taking notes. He had this smile that suggested to me that soon he would put Romney in his place and verbally destroy him....that never happened!

Now Romney was this character who none of us had seen before. He was aggressive, confident, and kept making points against the President. Much of what he said were lies and distortions of positions he had held for the past year. Once again, Mitt had flip-flopped and told a different story about what he believed.

So...that disastrous debate is behind us, but Mitt's "performance" has tightened the race. Less than 30 days to the Election and I am worried whether the President will be reelected....especially considering the Republican efforts to keep eligible voters from voting! "Big Money" is doing everything it can to buy this election, and they could pull it off. This is not the United States of America that I grew up in where everyone was encouraged to vote by both parties. The Republican Party has now been taken over by Radical Right groups who want to destroy all the good things that have been accomplished since the New Deal in the 1930's.

I just hope that the voters wake up and see how vital this election is to the future of our country. Mitt and his 1% are trying to create a "corporate oligarchy" by destroying the middle class and marginalizing people of color. Mitt and his followers believe that their way is best for every one...you remember, "trickle down economy." It didn't work back in the Reagan years and it won't work now! Excuse my rambling...but what the hell, that's the name of my blog.

It's way past a wake-up call to Democrats, independents, moderate Republicans, seniors, students, women, Blacks, Hispanics, and people who are sick and tired of Right-wing hate advertising. Be sure that you and your family, friends and neighbors are registered and then make sure they VOTE! Be an example by voting..."Be the change that you want to see in the World."


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