The Big Lebowski

"Hey, nice marmot."


You see those sometimes with the occasional acid flashback.


"That rug really tied the room together."

"Hey, careful man! There's a beverage here!"

Tell ya an interesting way to waste some time, Dude style:

Go to YouTube and look at all the remixed trailers for this movie. Apparently, it's been used as a film project. Focus is on the Dude finding the meaning of life, Walter as a Vietnam vet, the Dude as hero of the kidnapped girl, etc. Completely different story lines.

They're all quite good. Interesting what creative editing and a change of musical score can do.

"I could be just sitting at home with pee stains on my rug."

My favorite scene - AG found this for me. Never fails to crack me up.

Hah! That's a good one,as good as when the Dude says, "I hate the fu**ing Eagles, man."

The cab scene was really funny, too. They should start doing a Big Lebowski movie night at the Ken, and everyone could come as their favorite character, like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'm sure there would be lots of "Dudes". SD could bust out her "Maude" outfit!

SD has a "Maude" outfit? Too much. I suppose I shouldn't judge, though. I have a "Chico and the Man" outfit. "Loooooking good!

"SD has a "Maude" outfit? Too much. I suppose I shouldn't judge, though. I have a "Chico and the Man" outfit. "Loooooking good!"

Her Maude outfit is complete with the "flying through the air - make art - suspension system"

Chico and the Man... too damn funny. You would dig my Latka coveralls.

  • Joe

D'oh! I forgot there was a Maude in Lebowski. I thought you meant, "Love that, Maude," Maude.

i never saw it...how'd that happen??????

Oh, nan, promise me you will see this movie. It is so hilarious!!

I hate to admit this nan, but I've never seen it either. I've been told that it's a "must see" for myself, so I reckon it's on my list.

Refried, you of all people!! Do you remember me telling you to go rent this movie? Do it. NOW! You will love it.

Oh, and once you see it, imagine SD in the "flying through the air - make art - suspension system" that Joe so eloquently described - but you have to see for yourself.

The Jesus is perhaps my favorite scene in TBL. Sucks that you can't find a decent copy of the whole thing on YouTube due to copyright infringement.

However, it has lots of imitators. Some of them aren't bad.


Ms. Grant, I'm guilty as charged. I promise to look into this flick this very weekend. I could use a new hero right about now ;)

RF, I swear you will relate to the "Dude" aesthetic. And anti, I think everyone should just own a copy of this movie. Thanks again for finding my favorite scene.

Don't even brush your teeth or shower. Go straight to the store in your jammies and buy a copy. Drive straight home and watch it. It's that good.

  • Joe

Refried as "The Dude." Perfect casting. :)

As Daniels reminded us way back in #2: "Hey, careful man! There's a beverage here!"

Refried, can you get Netflix in Mexico? I understand the mail is sucky and that part wouldn't work, and they may not even be able to stream to your TV either, BUT I don't see ANY reason Netflix shouldn't have an "internet only" option so you could watch stuff on your pute. (They may not, but they SHOULD.)


Mail? What's "mail"?

Actually, all I have to do is go to the local swap meet. There's a guy there. You say, "Big Lebowski, English, no subtitles."

Return the next day, and - sans packaging or labelling - it's yours for $2.50 U.S.

Oh, so there's a guy at the swap meet who RENTS BOOTLEG movies? Is that what you're saying?

LOL. I'm guessing that's rather typical TJ? Gotta love it.


Rents? Ha! No, he sells them. In fact, at most swap meets or open-air markets there's at least one of those guys. We don't have many bootleg movies here, I'm not much of a movie person anyway but I'd say that 95% of what we own was purchased legally in the U.S. My daughters often have other ideas, as daughters often do ;)

OH! I get it now. You said "Return the next day," and I thought you were talking about returning the MOVIE. You have to put in your ORDER. Gotcha.

Well, get it however you must, but get it.

"The Dude abides."


Barfin, 1997 just called, they'd like their now-nebulous radio bit returned at once.

"I have not posted following your comments in weeks, as I told you I would not."

You just can't help yourself, can you? It's sad, really. Some people enjoy a baseball game, others like to go out and have cocktails, but you seem to sit in here just waiting to do something you "told me" you would not. Amazing.

Could you guys move this feud out of here? Refried, please get the movie and watch it and laugh.

I haven't seen the movie, either. Will have to check it out.

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