just because he's my friend

remember middle of last year, the day after the services for the fallen officer, when a man was arrested for an attack on a police officer and a couple of god samaritans in north park/city heights? well, it turns out the man accused of the attack is a very goo friend of mine. i don't dig violence and i have a hard time still even imagining that mike could have done something like that, but i am his friend and let's face it, to have a familiar face seated in the courtroom on your behalf is welcomed. in the beginning of it all i went to everyone of mike's court dates. except for a picture in the paper, i had one of the last dates i went to court for my friend was like a discovery type thing where the prosecution laid out what they have and the judge to decided if there is enough for a trial. this was the first time i had seen officer doherty in person. then suddenly she seems to be around. one night while i stood at the bus stop on 30th and university waiting for the bus she circled the block then parked her car on the opposite side of university only to jay walk, passing right by me, to go around the corner onto 30th to pick up some food. at the time i didn't give it much thought. nothing suspect about it. okay, then, one saturday night while i am at my friends apartment, which once use to be my apartment. i was there with my ex boyfriend helping hang pictures for our friend who just moved into the unit recently from across the hall. i should also add that i was now using her address, my former address which was still on my driver's license, as my mailing address do to life's happenings as of late. a knock at the door and four police officers standing there, one of them, the one doing all the talking, was doherty. she stated they were there to do a fourth amendment waiver search on me. can you believe that? i thought i was off of probation, but was quickly informed that i still had two and a half hours left until i was no longer a victim of "random" search and seizure, not that i had been in the past 363 days and 21.5 hours of my probation. not really a normal procedure and on a saturday night? really now! i had skated through my classes and probation, so really there was no just reasoning, there was also no denying them being that i was still a fourth waiver for two more hours. thing is they are only allowed to search my possessions. i didn't live there any longer as i pointed out. it was made clear to me that someone had been looking into my life when doherty said that it is the address i have on my ID as well as the one i use on my visiting slip down in south bay. south bay detention facility, that is where mike is being held and the only person i have visited in jail. why do you think it is that she would gp to such lengths to harass me? i didn't do anything to her, had not even crossed my eyes, smiled, or snarled at her. i will continue this later, stay tuned


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