Attention All Poets

this weeks poem in the Reader is a wowser!!!

so hit ur browser and partake of the haughtest poem yet to be published by the READER

yah u saw it right...i choose to be corrupted...hahahahahahahahaha

here's one of my more uncorrupted favorites

They are kissing, on a park bench,

on the edge of an old bed, in a doorway

or on the floor of a church. Kissing

as the streets fill with balloons

or soldiers, locusts or confetti, water

or fire or dust. Kissing down through

the centuries under sun or stars, a dead tree,

an umbrella, amid derelicts. Kissing

as Christ carries his cross, as Gandhi

sings his speeches, as a bullet

careens through the air toward a child’s

good heart. They are kissing,

long, deep, spacious kisses, exploring

the silence of the tongue, the mute

rungs of the upper palate, hungry

for the living flesh. They are still

kissing when the cars crash and the bombs

drop, when the babies are born crying

into the white air, when Mozart bends

to his bowl of soup and Stalin

bends to his garden. They are kissing

to begin the world again. Nothing

can stop them. They kiss until their lips

swell, their thick tongues quickening

to the budded touch, licking up

the sweet juices. I want to believe

they are kissing to save the world,

but they’re not. All they know

is this press and need, these two-legged

beasts, their faces like roses crushed

together and opening, they are covering

their teeth, they are doing what they have to do

to survive the worst, they are sealing

the hard words in, they are dying

for our sins. In a broken world they are

practicing this simple and singular act

to perfection. They are holding

onto each other. They are kissing.

by Dorianne Laux

and a Snippet of my own

she sat at her computer for a long time after he said a swift goodbye and left her with half a cigarette...which was a sacrifice for him she knew....

she thought about the redhead....who would have swiftly reached in and rendered every fiber of his nerves to snap and explode to her will....no wondering in her where to apply the pressure of her lips and tongue....where to surrender just a little more.....his chest pressed against her undulating back....her legs opened wide....her scream stifled 'til his body gave the cue....his caresses catered to a pattern long discovered and so well known.....the knowing her body would spark with the discovery that indeed they'd been a perfect pair....knowing that their coming together would bring the height of reality and pleasure to ease the longing of his eager soul

she knew as she sipped her ice tea that she would never be able to compete with that.....the familiar smell of her body......the heady scent of her hair....the languid way she threw her legs over his legs......only she knew the positions that comforted him...relaxed him....and she kissed his eyelids as he closed them...to drift into a completely satisfied sleep.....his arm over her shoulder....his manhood pressed against her buttocks ...his heart beating slowly ...in time with hers.....

no heartbeat on her computer....only keys to send her love to him....clumsy spelling....words that might not find their way.....only fantasy's with no tactile connections......even if she had been able to physically be with him....the disadvantage would have still been there still.....a new lover....an old lover.....

she pushed herself away from the keyboard as the tears began to fall and caught her breath.....

she knew this was risky when she started it....knew that it was a different kind of connection that sped along the Ethernet to find or not find it's mark.....she hope he would tell her if it was only sex.....because in spite of the magic....sex was not all she needed......not sex in the complete unknown....

time would bring more closeness...more understanding.....but real hands...real fingers....real thighs.....real throbbing inside and out would always supplant it.....it's still an open mystery....it's truth still to be told......can i still hover here near the fire....lingering to feel the heat......can he....???


I need a cigarette. And I don't smoke. Good stuff!

never too old 4 some good old fashion lovin eh Boho...hahahahahahahahaha ;-D)

Is it hot in here, or is it just nan?

got my keyboard mojo workin' Quill...hahahahahahahahaha

got to write winter warm ups sometimes

oh yah...i got a delicious bad side sometimes...hahahahahahaha

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