Calling Birds

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to seize upon a picket fence

to hop over

on my way in to sit

and listen to your birds sing

i could still fly over

and scamper under

delight you with my antics

yellow headed Chickadee flittering

your fate began to haunt you

it haunted me too

but the chickadee stayed

wizened by the winter

and your bright red wings

cuddled me close from the cold

dread that was coming

Cardinal bright didn’t lose the flame

but that fence has become

too high and wide for me to fly over

and that yard was mine no more

sad is the birdling tempest tossed

the one who must bare the cross

of losing such a friend as you

the kindness of one so true

to happen in an instant

and my love i don’t resent

that you're no longer there

no matter how much i care

i only wish i knew

what became of you


I love the theme/techniques used to put this together. You can really feel it.

I thought we were talking about birds, and then your poem turned into a reference to forsaken friendship ... you zigged when I thought you were going to zag. Birds or friends, it's still beautiful and sweet, nan. Thanks.

And let's not forget woodpeckers! And I don't like roadrunners and woodpeckers just because of 69 Plymouths and Clay Smith camshafts--they're awesome and whimsical birds.

i like road runners...woodpeckers and armadillos...desert schemes...hahahahaha ;-D

thx so much is something like i think ur feeling about the loss of a much loved Cardinal died however..and me (his little chickadee) stayed and loved him til his eyes rolled back during the last winter of his life

and that tender place left behind has rendered me a more complete person for the most part...;-?

great thx is sad and tender...likened to the brief relationship the 2 of us lived..namaste dear one ;-D

yes Railsplitter..i would say it was cosmic PING...the Universe sends me a muse that way (like the beloved one in the poem)sometimes

thx for the drop by and comments ;-D

and i'm so glad u don't say Bahahahahahahah anymore...;-D

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