true love between farmhouses and trees

grow and sweetly rub up against me

bloom your lilacs thru my windowsill

creep pridefully thru slits in my porch

don't show your faces morning glory

i want you but my farmhouse decries

your spiteful blue a pest unbidden

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and be my heart's most loveliest repast

thou art to me a foliage for the seasons

Autumns will not last

before the fireplace i'll sit

and dream away the snow

while deer amble about

and forage the apples you've laid out

a Winter's foodly spread to take away the dread

and bring us then to Spring

the picture here is my farmhouse homeplace in Oregon


i simply loved this house...the roots of the trees always attempted to wander inside in Spring and make me laugh when i saw them peeping thru the wall in my bathroom

i never had the heart to cut them completely and only cut them back and of course they died each Winter

nature is such a fine designer ;-))

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