Rock 'n' Roll Marathon is looming

With the marathon about two months away, it's time to go long.

After being sick and out of running for a couple weeks, I decided it was necessary to hop back in with something big.

I went for 15 miles at a slow, conversational pace. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon is in two months and I thought it was necessary to go long sooner than later after having my training interrupted by the effing flu.

I chose to do three laps around Lake Miramar. Some might think that a repetitive and boring way to log 15 miles. Truth be told I’d rather do a long out and in or a bigger loop but I was more concerned about facilities and I didn't feel like running with water or Gatorade.

How did it go? It went great! My friend and I had a lively conversation and we stopped for water and bathroom breaks after each lap.

I had forgotten just how good it feels to go long. When I get up over 10 miles, there is a window of peace after the run. The longer I go, the longer this window stays open. While this window is open I am immune to the cares and worries of life.

I wouldn't say I’m high but I am tranquil and sanguine even though my legs are heavy. It is as if the flow of the run spills over into the rest of my day.

Yes, I’m looking forward to getting back out there this week. This time it will be 20 miles on The Strand in Coronado.

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