Luck of the Island at McP’s

St. Paddy’s Day brings out the green in everyone, and revives all those Irish rellies

“Hundred percent,” says John.

“Fifty percent,” says Bud.

“Me too,” says Keith.

We're talking Irish ancestry.

Here, today, everybody can find someone in da family who’s from the Ould Sod. But even if it’s half baloney and they’ve all kissed the blarney stone hanging upside-down, you can see in these guys' faces, specially Bud’s: they've got folks from the Emerald Isle.

We're at McP’s Irish Pub (1107 Orange Avenue, Coronado, 619-435-5280), celebrating St Patrick’s Day with music, food, green beer (not Guinness, thank goodness), and memories of long-gone grandpas.

McPartlin is the son of the founder-owner, Greg Sr. A lot of the Navy SEALs come in here because he was a Navy SEAL medic himself. His book, Combat Corpsman...

...has just been re-issued. They’re selling them at a table with the teeshirts.

SEAL books are hot now. It’s sure to bring in even more green. Meanwhile, St. Paddy's Day's got plenty to go before Hal's beard comes off…

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