San Diego Rock 'n' Roll HALF

The Rock 'n' Roll marathon is now a half with 2 half runners for every full.

The results are in for what should be called the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. This event used to be a large Marathon event, this year there were 9,000 running the marathon and 21,000 running the half.

The course was built for the half and was terrible for the marathon with 300 feet of elevation gain at the 20 mile mark. That is, in a word, ridiculous. Imagine having to run up the hill at Torrey Pines right when most people are hitting “the wall”.

The half, on the other hand, was not eligible to record a world record because it had a net elevation drop.

There were “celebrity” runners in the half and almost all of the post race coverage has been about the half.

San Diego’s premier running event has been downgraded to merely a half marathon with a marathon option.

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