Street Style Tijuana: Vaqueros

Cowboy garb seen in TJ

While visiting Tijuana this weekend, I noticed a Vaquero theme. Cowboy garb was everywhere.

I ran into this caballero sitting on a stool outside a taco shop off of Calle Gonzalez Ortega. He was watching a pair of women make fresh tortillas while waiting for his lunch.

One block over 6-year-old David played with friends in the courtyard at La Roca church.

A few miles away, Conrad Braun and his new wife Eunice wore western inspired attire at their wedding reception. Eunice designed her saloon style wedding gown with the help of a Rosarito based dress maker.

At the border crossing, this Vaquero persistently attempted to sell me a Virgin Mary statue. I passed, opting instead for some Tostilocos, a Mexican street food that involves vertically slicing open a bag of nacho-flavored Tostitos and topping them with cucumber, cueritos, lime juice, Valentina hot sauce, chamoy, tajín chile powder, salt and Japanese peanuts.

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