Tijuana gallery Otras Obras opens installation of short video works

Afterparty next door at Moustache Bar with Maria y Jose, Samo Sound Boy, and Jerome LOL.

Temporary Tijuana art space http://otrasobras.mx">Otras Obras opened their inaugural exhibition, http://issuu.com/uniekest/docs/uniekest_magazine_jan_2013">To Preserve Disorder, during a blowout weekend in November concurrent with international music events http://issuu.com/uniekest/docs/uniekest_magazine_dec_2012">Festival Norte Sonoro and http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/jam-session/2012/sep/18/all-my-friends-from-tijuana-to-brooklyn/">All My Friends.

This Friday, February 8 (6 to 10 p.m.), Otras Obras (Franscico I. Madero 1250 at Calle Sexta, Zona Centro) unveils their second installation, titled Involución, featuring short video works by Ivan Argote, Balam Bartolome, Cristian Franco, Amy Howden-Chapman, Oliver Laric, Lindsay Lawson, Sara Ludy, and Anne de Vries.

Curated by New York promoter Todd Patrick and Los Angeles/Tijuana artist Michael Ray-Von in collaboration with Temra Pavlovic, Involución is described in a press release as follows:

“It doesn't set a ground for this is true, and this is not true. With an involutionary continuum the means of assessment (of the origin and the destination) are always in question. ‘Ya, they're in a state of becoming but, I wanna not say that word.’ The form we're talking about exists between these two terms: the medium and the substrate.

“Involution as a radical rethinking of historical narratives and social formations. A social architecture is an assemblage of images, the form of which constitutes a temporary continuum of identity. The continuum tends toward behaviors; tropes. Existing in parallel are potential alternate formations of a given social image. Innumerable heads inhabiting a single body; a coexistence of influences. By exploiting or exploding the tendencies, or tropes, of a given formation: alternate formations occur. The result is a lingering self-recognition, a turning out upon itself, an involution. Exposing an interiority that carries the potentials of all possible exteriorities. Laying bare the genetic material.

“With an evolution, the relationship between a preceding form and its successor is fixed. An involution occurs when the hierarchy of those fixed identities is complicated. An identity in time is given question as to whom is the actor, and whom is being acted upon. And this sets the identity into a crisis where the means for assessing the terms of progression are lost.

“The dancer is practicing in front of the mirror. The mirror is practicing in front of the dancer. The camera is the dancer, and the television is the mirror. And the video-feedback itself is neither the camera nor the television, it's something that's between the two terms. And it’s always-already occurring everywhere all the time.

“Emancipate the logic of civilization to serve as a catalyst for an involution of form, as an instrument for treason against a stagnating social formation. Involution is an auto-betrayal. This exhibition is a consideration of the terms under which an involution may take place.”

There will be an afterparty next door at Moustache Bar with Tijuana ruidosón honcho María y José:

Samo Sound Boy (LA):

and Jerome LOL of Los Angeles via Montreal production duo LOL Boys:


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