Painting the Calla Lily

Last night a friend and I went to Fifty Seven Degrees (1735 Hancock St) where Wine and Canvas hosted their painting class. I bought a $35 3-hour class and thought that it came with a glass of wine, but was wrong. The company merely hosts the classes in locations that serve wine, which was problematic in that Fifty Seven Degrees was extremely slow serving people. We missed the beginning of instruction waiting for either of the two servers to acknowledge, serve, finally get the sangria, and cash us out. Eight or nine other people leaned on the bar waiting, waiting, waiting.">" alt="None">

by Robin Tung

The space is huge--a giant square with a tall bar, lounge and small table seating, artwork hanging on every wall, and shelves of wine everywhere. The instruction was clear even if the instructor was somewhat non-committal; the teaching assistant very helpfully replenished paints and answered questions. All of the supplies were prepared and the class was very organized.">" alt="None">

by Robin Tung

The entire class minus one or two followed along easily. I recommend it as a night out to learn painting. Just check location reviews before you sign up. The $35 fee covers instruction, all materials, and I was happy I didn't have to clean up.">" alt="None">

by Robin Tung


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