Myth Asana Workshop

Yoga instructor http://www.teresaaustinyoga.com/about-me/">Teresa Austin teaches Myth Asana Workshop on Saturday, October 20, at http://www.obnamasteyoga.com/index.html">Namaste Yoga Center in Ocean Beach (4893 Voltaire St. Suite B). This all-levels workshop runs from 1-4 p.m. and explores the mythology behind various yoga poses.

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by Robin Tung

"Asanas such as the warrior, sun and moon series, Shiva/Sati, kurmasana, skandasana, and garudasana will be explored. Whether you are a student or a teacher of yoga, come learn the delightful myths behind our beloved practice! This workshop is suitable for all levels. The class will be followed by a yoga practice integrated with the mythology and symbolism from the lecture," states Teresa Austin.

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https://media.sandiegoreader.com/img/photos/2012/10/10/images-1.jpeg">Teresa Austin by Robin Tung

Registration can be completed http://www.obnamasteyoga.com/">here through the classes/schedule listing.


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