RIP Reader cover artist and underground comix legend Spain Rodriguez

Legendary illustrator from Zap Comix, Trashman, and locally produced Deepest Dimension Terror Anthology

Just got the news that legendary Zap Comix co-founder Spain Rodriguez has passed away. He and Robert Crumb were among the earliest underground comic superstars - among my most prized possessions is the original art pages for a complete Trashman story from Subvert Comix #2.

Spain did a lot of artwork for the Reader back in the 70s and 80s, returning to do several covers in the 90s - I'll seek those and post a few shortly.

Meanwhile, here's a complete story Spain drew for the locally-published horror comic series, Deepest Dimension Terror Anthology, scripted by yours truly and based on a story by original Twilight Zone and Logan's Run writer George Clayton Johnson --- working with Spain was one of the biggest thrills of my professional career. He was a great and talented guy who'll be sorely missed -">" alt="ded50" />">" alt="ded51" />">" alt="ded52" />">" alt="ded53" />">" alt="ded54" />">" alt="ded55" />">" alt="ded56" />">" alt="ded57" />">" alt="ded58" />">" alt="ded59" />">" alt="ded60" />">" alt="ded61" />">" alt="ded62" />">" alt="ded63" />


I just heard this sad news. One of my prized possessions is a pristine copy of Zap Comics #2, and the immortal "Hog Ridin' Fools," in which the Checkered Demon pulls into a gas station offering six free tumblers - glasses, he assumes - if he fills his tank, and he says, "yeah - 6 free tumblers. That's just what I need when my anarchist buddies drop by - to drink lemonade."

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