Street Style Encinitas: UGG Boots are Tragic">" alt="None">

by Siobhan Braun

20-year-old Zanni Watkins and Sasha Barkanic both agree that UGG boots are tragic. They stick with brands like Jeffrey Campbell or Sam Edelman.

“I love boots. I have about 15 different pairs. I wear them all year. You can pull off boots with shorts as long as they’re not UGGs.” Sasha tells me.

Zanni adds, “Uggs are a problem. I own a purple pair that I am embarrassed to wear even around my house.”

Zanni’s flowing black maxi skirt was a recent purchase from Flashbacks. Her top is from American Apparel and her">ankle boots are Jeffrey Campbell.

Zanni is a jewelry fanatic. She works at her dad's shop Encinitas Custom Jewelers.

“My favorite wardrobe item is this necklace.” She says showing me a silver necklace with a triangle charm. “A friend brought it back for me from Turkey. It opens up and I can store stuff inside.”

Sasha’s favorite wardrobe item are her tasseled">Sam Edelman ankle boots.">" alt="None">

by Siobhan Braun

Name: Sarah Brandt

Age: 25

Occupation: Sales girl at Flashbacks in Encinitas

I spotted Sarah sitting on a curb in front of Flashbacks, on Coast Highway 101, enjoying a cigarette break. Sarah's faux fur coat and 1970's sparkle shirt were purchased at Flashbacks. Her red vintage Coach purse was a thrift store find. Sarah's highwaisted jeans are made by Neuw -an Australian Brand, and were purchased at Wasteland. Her favorite local stores are Flashbacks and">Captain's Helm in Oceanside.


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