Calm Before the Comic-Con Storm

Arriving at the Convention Center on July 19 (below), located at 111 West Harbor Drive, I observed a tranquility that will soon be replaced by the chaotic upheaval of Comic-Con, which starts July 21 and runs through July 24.

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Convention Center

Groups of people were milling around the Convention Center, ranging from photographers scoping out the scene, security guards defending their posts, and badge-wearing attendees.

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Walking towards Hall H, there were more people. There was a section roped off (above) for the Twilight fans. Some attendees had been there since Tuesday, camping out, hoping to get inside before others or to catch a glimpse of their favorite Twilight star.

I spoke to William Davis, who works security at the Convention Center. He said that more fans were expected to show that evening and possibly today but he said you can never be certain.

Davis also said that Hall H holds close to 7000 people, and that is where the movie studio screens their films. If you are around Hall H (below) than I would not be surprised if you get a glimpse of a celebrity or two.

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Hall H

I managed to speak with a spectator who was looking around to see if there was anything going on -- maybe someone dressed up as his favorite character. He said he lived right across the street, and he purposely moved to that location so that he could be closer to Comic Con.

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Fan with Pattinson towel

In hopes to see more action, I went back that night and discovered that the crowd had increased. I noticed there were more males and young kids. I managed to get into the roped-off area without the attention of security to see if there was anything interesting going on. I saw a woman holding a Twilight towel (above) of Robert Pattinson.

Other than that, it is still calm.


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