Geneva Jacuzzi Meets The Cure

I paid $10 to the door man to see Wednesday night‘s show at the Casbah, 2501 Kettner Boulevard. I walked in with fellow photographer, Kome Parnell, and met another photographer by the name of Vito Di Stefano (below). When photographers meet, questions that always come up are what type of camera you have and what are you packing. The three of us hit it off immediately.

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Photographer Vito Di Stefano

Casbah has two bars, pool tables, and an enclosed patio. Before the show started, I purchased a six-dollar vodka tonic and looked around to see the people coming in. The crowd ranged from early 20s to late 30s. A group of spectators even took a picture of us photographers -- they found it amusing that we were in a circle talking cameras and the best places to purchase equipment, while others were talking about the upcoming performances.

Geneva Jacuzzi (below) wore all black clothes and white make up. She resembled Robert Smith from The Cure. She was animated with her facial expressions and movements. Her sound was a mix of Electronica and Goth. The crowd got into it; people screamed out of enjoyment. I thought Geneva Jacuzzi must have taken some drama classes to be able to carry a one-person performance and grab the audience’s attention.

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Geneva Jacuzzi


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