Growing up, I was just a kid, gangly and clumsy without any special Differences, not particularly smart or savvy or observant. When I moved from the farm to San Antonio, Texas, I learned to drink Alcohol always searching for something elusive. After some years, of insanity, I smoked marijuana with a supposed friend, Entered ibto a intense state of anxiety then into a mental ward at Bexar county Hospital, who put me on two drugs, One pulled at you like a coil of wired being rolled up and the other as a friend described it Made you feel encased in cotton.

I never ever have let a doctor do that to me again!

To get free of them I entered A.A., which took years to do. Then…3 years later, I returned to the safer haven of alcohol albeit not as dedicated. Ah, as I write this, the memories flooded my mind, but the subject is Ufos.

I rented a back room in an old house from an AA friend, when I was sober. One night, as I walked to downtown, I looked towards the NBC high story bank building, and sitting on its top roof was a two story or so, dark gray thing Sort of like an upside down submarine with huge triangle windows, the apex of them At top of the length of the craft with the base at bottom side of the craft. I became instantly eurphoric! As I walked to downtown center I could still see it, but it faded eventually.

That was my first as far as I know. The second was actually seen by a lot of citizens in that area, a pre storm of rain happened, rain Finished the entire sky of clouds turned yellowish, and from horizon to horizon a HUGE Rainbow formed with extremely intense bands of colors. It hung in the sky for a long time, citizens went up to their roof tops to view it, it was on local television. It was very biblical.

San Antonio is by surrounded military bases, lots of Air Force. On one trip out of city, I saw in sky several huge long silver things in sky, They didn’t look like balloons, then Air Force jets raced towards them, As they all vanished, over the horizon. Years later, Because of a police brutality against me, in extreme anxiety, I began to Hitchhike, and so it became a way to escape reality. Became lean, eating however I could, quite often not. I walked a lot, a lot of lot.

On one occasion, in the middle of the way to Yuma, Az., I was given a ride by a Mayflower moving co. truck, my only one, as we passed thru a valley of small mountains, The sky from horizon to horizon, turned that as before odd yellow, and the clouds were spaced like a loose display of a checker board, turning dark black, the sky then bright orange! When we exited the area, the sky returned to normal. We, the trucker and I were in a state of awe, it is after all these years, a still vivid memory.

Another time, I got off a ride towards Bishop, Ca., in pitch black cold and walked down the road to sleep as is my custom off near a road at an adjacent fence line. As I walked, my side vision upwards made me look up. And I spied am odd white spot in the terribly black sky, out of which the white spot formed within as if smoke pouring out Of it, which quite quickly formed into a huge circle, as if a wagonwheel, with spokes of an equal sized cross, which I now know a symbol for planet earth, THEN IT BLINKED OFF LIKE A TURNED OFF LIGHT! That’s enough for me to record tonight of May 11/11. May I tell you this, I don’t know whats out there, but I do know it is.

(I live with 2 roommates at the Sober Retreat complex in Vista, Ca, and for months no one there, something continually knocks on the front door, and oh yes, from our front door down the slope in the Sprinter parking lot, before those lights automatically turn off. next to a diamond shaped yellow sign, to the right is a small tree, on which appears to be really large, the face of Albert Einstein, look directly at it, the eyes blink! I'm not kidding, nor fearful, however I am honored.

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Lots of UFOs in San Diego...more military than alien, I suppose, as they tend to b "seen" near Coronado and Miramar.

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