To produce children, that’s it! Their breasts are for nurturing, they are not Decorations. Nor or they for the suckling of males Think of it!, grown men ogling That used by babies to slobber on, how mature is that?

Breast cancer would probably be lower, Possibly non-existant if females used them for only the job nature intended.

Then consider all their cruel self mal-treatment of the things, Binding them in all kinds of straps, consider the terrible toxics women do for their vanities, nail polish, hair mistreatments, go ahead step into any salon or beauty parlour doorway, prepare to inhale the Devil’s work shop fumes.

Isnt it interesting how much the tongue has replaced lips, now they Get a full dose of nasty instead of a touch, obviously a French sin.

Isn’t it interesting, that until recently, the male chest teats had no reason to exist, Besides existing as decoration similar, which the creationists ignored for centuries, Obviously having evolved. We men also endanger ourselves with various potions and lotions Of a chemical nature, but nothing like women! We’d live longer if we just participated in handshakes Not to be confused with milkshakes, Sorry, we poets pun continually. For instance, “Oh the joys of being a man! Versus two door knobs And a trench.” I read this to a female friend and she gasped. (And at the beach consider trying spray can olive oil, the skin secret of the Greeks. Plus it’s a lot cheaper, a lot cheaper.

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Holy Mackerel! It's a mystery--your thought process.

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