I realized the British, especially supposely educated speak as if their mouths were full, muffling the words into other than distinctive, Which we Americans do brazenly even the uneducated.*

That said, suddenly out of the bleau, I realized that President Obama has ignored the Muppets, why? I once homeless in Indio, California, under a tree friendless, wrote poetically proposing marriage to Kermit the frog, Who Married That Hussy, Miz Piggy.

My advice to him, appear but dont trust them,

afterall they're all underhanded!

*Call Parks Seed Co., pretend to order a catalog, they speak as if a brook running quiet but distinctly.

By the way, I have been told by travelers that all the hot dog vendors in Britain are manned by Cockneys, God help anyone in that matter.

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THE MUPPETS< COULD THEY WORK WITH THE VERY OLD? ANY OF THEM EXCEPT BETTY WHITE, CERTAINLY NOT CAROL BURNET She cant get up from the floor anymore even using the mop, heard she tried Tim Conway, but they both laughed so much, nothing was consumated.

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