3/29/11 Today at aprox. 4:00 p.m. at Escondido transit station, I waited for bus 305. Looking or a shady bench to sit on, I moved over to bench near the concrete bus schedule pole. I sat facing the transit station offices, (where I assume cameras are) as next to me a well Dressed young Mexican male perhaps 25 yr.s old, had denim pants and shrits were name brands, to his immediate left sat an open strap bag like those grocery store ones, except this was large and expensive looking, probably 18’ x 18’, in two shades of brown.

Restless, my diabetes fault, I noted behind us standing at a concrete support, an elderly male, Thin with glasses, a walking cane, kacki pants and a gray wool? Sweater, looking intently to our direction. I dismissed it, but noted the bag was then there by itself, the Mexican gone! So I returned to bench 50 ft away to the left where originally I had sat.

There I saw the elder man move to sit on the bench by bag where near it on other side sat a young Mexican female, a peasant type. He sat facing my direction, and when bus arrived he got in line to leave as I did. On bus he near me, I noted a sleeping bag partially sticking out of bag, which I thought good quality, it a dark olive green.

The man disembarked at the interfaith bus stop going to its side driveway entrance entering.

Was it a drug drop? (Two years ago, a James Campbell who stayed there in the Veterans homeless section told me drugs were available there and a man died, overdosing on heroin. He said the police came, took away the body, but the incident never appeared in newspaper being covered up by management! Two years ago I tried to get into their HUD unit apartments, but they said I was too mental. Ridiculous!

In aprox. 2003, I stayed in their homesless shelter there now only for veterans. I witnessed drug dealing continually. They were overflowing (illegally) with 85 clients, Sleeping on cots, I on the floor by the front double doors. One night I awoke with a start, I had dremt of a fire reflected in the doors glass…then passing me on near way to bathrooms were two Mexicans carrying a electric heater!

On the cots were thick rubber mats, folks had their blankets on top of them hanging to the floor..wiyh the heater inbetween their beds, THE DREAM COULD HAVE HAPPENED. I alerted the sleeping staff but he said “Its alright man.” But another came by and he Went and removed the heater. It could have been a huge disaster! From burns, toxic fumes and hysteria. HOW WAS I REWARDED? I WAS 86ed and had to return sleeping in the rain. THE FBI will be contacted and the IRS for mismanagement of public funds. Jerry E. Barta, this will be on www.sandiegoreader.com BLOGS site, My blog title: OHWELLWHATEVER By JBPOETGARDENER I quite sure your new mayor and the North County Times will do their best to cover it up!

Your new mayor if I am correct, is Sam Abed, an attorney, who in the recent past was paid by the North County Transit district as an adviser. On one occasion, transit posted posters that they would at Sprinter stations at Mission and Woodward st. and at Palomar station have buses to take riders from one to the other. Inbetween they had some phoney baloney project of reconstruction that would cost a huge amount of money from the presidents stimulus bill.

On the buses, drivers and I questioned the huge amount, as we went by. I reported it to Kent Davy editor of the North County Newspaper by phone, asking him to inquire. SUDDENLY, the project ceased. I phoned him and asked if he had done this change of plans, he denied it! SO ITS OBVIOUS A DEAL TRANSPIRED, I think Mr. Davy should be ashamed and retire to something that doesntt require integrity, which by our free press, is required.

Below example of Escondido's corrupt shelter problem, they paid by regional alliance $100,000 for a 4 month operation, same as Oceanside,s Bread of life, and Carlsbad's La Posada de Guadalupe, the local chuurches feeding the real heroes! Which sam Abed no doubt paid for his serviices, Sir Vices as well.

SAN DIEGO TORTUROUS HOMELESS SHELTERS 3/13/09:For two months, I have stayed in the Escondido, Ca. Salvation Army (Las Villas St.)homeless shelter twice, but left because a night attendant, Dorio Marinez, routinely verbally elder abused me continually as well as others. The two elder volunteer female counselors refused to say anything to him about his rude accosting of anyone he deemed beneath his station. I left then crawled back only to be treated inhumanely again by Dorio. I repeatidly tried to contact the Salvation Army hierarchy, finally did, BUT THEY REFUSED TO CHANGE. One of the older volunteer female counselors, Ruth, listened but said "Dorio wouldnt do those things, he's a nice man. Like Hell, he is a meth addict, on one occasion, staying there, she gave me a padded lounge seat about 5 ft. long for me to soften my sleeping on the floor...Dorio ordered me to go to a cot in the back area, I had to clean off a lot of junk and underneath, the previous person left, it took two of us to move it over to another cot, about three wheelbarrows full. Then laying down, plus on top of the padding I was given, DORIO COMES OVER< PULLS IT OFF, THROWING MY STUFF INTO THE AIR AND ON FLOOR, CURSING ME.I look forward to SUING the Salvation Army, headquartered in London, England.Another issue is they have new senior apartment buildings on their church properties, I told to apply for residency, did, told then they have a 7 year waiting list, no doubt, using government funding (HUD), this is a scam to actually house their retired church workers, CHRIST WOULD NOT BE HAPPY! THEY FORCE THEIR SHELTER RESIDENTS TO SHOWER IN WHAT ACTUALLY IS A SHOWER TO WASH MOPS, SO NARROW< ONE COULD FALL FATALLY!YEAH, REAL CHRISTIANITY, YEAH SURE.


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