DO I HATE WOMEN?, of course not, my mother was one...


Why are people so smug to think they can evade the odds That their plans will fade or fail and that they could die Or be a prisoner. Meth thinking. Did Christ say he was the alpha and omega Or the omega and alpha, Both are correct.

He didn’t say anything about their stupidity. Think of it! an entire eternity To be aware continually of such stupidity. Or worse unaware. Continually of such stupidity. Using Montezuma’s trapdoor before the throne As metaphor, they risk all.

Sometime ago, a nurse volunteer at a church charity While I was receiving a haircut, rubbed her hotbox Against my physical being, for the moment a trapped person. Why wss she such a failure to her honored profession?

Others still stalk me, daily, revealing the females true Nature. Thus, are they worthy to lead?

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ugh...women stalk u??

in what reality?? :=?

Of course it's not reality. Though I can't really tell what he's on about, because his writing is devoid of basic grammar. He sounds like some accidental beat poet.

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