When I lived in a slum hotel in El Centro, Ca., exiting it. I would have to navigate Through prostitutes, ignoring them. As time went on they began walking down the street, hands at their sides, Moving them in motion. Of course, I wondered why. One day, I spied one go up to a really old Mexican male waving near his face. Moments later, he opened his wallet and gave her money! Then I knew it was a hypnotic effect disorienting for her profit. Later no doubt, he might open his wallet and just assume he spent it, but not know how!

There have been documented cases of same going with males to their rooms, Robbing them, and leaving them to no doubt by sex or not, unknowing exactly what happened. I was introduced to the effect after sitting outside in my garden area, and noticing an odd acrid smell in the air which instantly ceased. In awhile, I went into my walking wheeled bag inside my quarters, and saw nothing that was supposed to be there. Disturbed, I told my roommates, and one of them. Said, “Wait awhile and check again And later they will be.” And later they were like magic! Have you ever gone into a dept. store and when leaving, noted that inside you felt better? Is it the same or something else?, I assume I noticed it because I always buy the same needs. That same sense of well being seems to be at doctor offices and hospitals. Talk abour air conditioning!

Just think the store robberies that could happem in oh lets say instant grocery types or by dishonest sales persons to enhance their sales, or to just rob you. So! Be careful.

Every military person shopping for love or associated offering should be alerted, especial;y the Navy, they're traditionally niave.

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