Stages of the cartoon

Normally, I do all of the cartoon shading by hand, using either brushes, pens, markers or a combination of the above.

For this week's cartoon, I wanted to give it the look of an old-fashioned Popeye comic. I did the basic line work by hand first, using a brush for "Popeye" Steve Francis and a pen for "Olive Oyl" Donna Frye and "Wimpy" Jerry Sanders." />

After that, everything was done in Photoshop. I first had to color the characters." />

Those flat colors looked to slick and modern to me, so I gave it a basic halftone pattern to emulate the look of a printing press with somewhat sloppy alignment." />

Then, to finish the cartoon, I underlaid a scan of some old paper, giving the feel that the cartoon is an old comic on aged paper." />

Overall, it gives the cartoon a different look that helps give the vehicle - in this case, Popeye comics - an extra touch.


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