Regulator points finger at Edison, Mitsubishi

But the two companies continue to blame each other over San Onofre

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued a notice of non-conformance to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, manufacturer of steam generators at the now-closed San Onofre nuclear plant. The regulatory commission has given a similar warning to Southern California Edison, the utility that owns most of San Onofre. The regulator says Edison failed to identify faulty steam generators.

Meanwhile, Edison and Mitsubishi continue to point fingers at each other. Edison blames Mitsubishi for faulty tube design. Mitsubishi denies that, and says Edison increased the output of its steam generators -- essentially running the horse too hard.

Wall Street doesn't seem concerned. Edison stock has risen from $45 to $47 this month. The Street probably expects that when all is said and done, Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric customers will get stuck with the bulk of the bill.

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Don, SCE executives, shareholders and the CPUC must be held accountable for gross criminal negligence, corruption and threat to public safety or ratepayers shall suffer the worst case of government approved robbery in California history.

Anon92107: Agreed. Both Edison and Mitsubishi should be held responsible and pay for this mess. Executives should be punished. But they won't be; the CPUC will let them off the hook. And the ratepayers will wind up paying too much of the damage. Best, Don Bauder

If you are correct Don, then the California economy is on a path of destruction produced by CPUC and public utility robber barons.

It's up to Gov. Brown to prevent this government produced economic disaster now, that's what we elected him for.

Anon92107: Given the recent history of the CPUC, I think you can expect significant costs of the San Onofre disaster to be shifted to ratepayers. Best, Don Bauder

PROTEST MEETING TO BE HELD TUESDAY, OCT. 1. On Tuesday, at 2 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., consumers can speak out at a California Public Utilities Commission public meeting on the topic of ratepayers being asked to pay for management mistakes at San Onofre.

The meetings will be at Al Bahr Shrine Center, 5440 Kearny Mesa Road. Says the San Francisco-based The Utility Reform Network (TURN, "Utility law requires that [San Diego Gas & Electric, SDG&E] and Edison pay for their mistake out of profits, not rates, yet San Onofre is still in the rate base. (This means that customers are still being soaked for the cost of management blunders that led to the closing of San Onofre.)

Among those appearing at a press conference at 6 p.m. immediately before the evening hearing will be Mark Toney, executive director of TURN, and Don Kelly, executive director of San Diego's Utility Consumers' Action Network (UCAN).

Says TURN, "San Onofre is down but rates still include operational costs, defective steam tubes, Edison's and SDG&E's returns on the plant and the replacement power needed since the plant went dark. Customers should not have to pay a single penny for an expensive, inoperable nuclear plant."

It's time for California's political and intellectual leaders to speak out loud and clear in public to protect California ratepayers from CPUC and utility robber barons like Michael Peevey (current CPUC President and former SCE President who created this disaster).

Anon92107: Peevey, head of the CPUC, is a former president of Edison. Best, Don Bauder

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