International military bribery scheme uncovered

Singapore executive arrested in San Diego

Three individuals were charged with participating in a criminal military bribery scheme unsealed in federal court today (Sept. 17). Leonard Glenn Francis, head of a Singapore defense contractor, was charged with providing luxury travel and prostitutes to U.S. Navy Commander Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz, and special agent for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, John Bertrand Beliveau II in exchange for confidential information in relation to hundreds of millions of dollars in Navy contracts.

Francis was arrested in San Diego yesterday and appeared in court today. The other two were arrested in other states. Francis's company provides items and information required by ships when they arrive in port. Misiewicz provided confidential logistical information to Francis, according to the complaint. Beliveau provided Francis confidential information about a criminal fraud investigation into Francis's operation.

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This comes across as something about as intricate as a "NCIS" episode on TV. But I doubt that the players here are as good looking as those on the series. Part of this is really hard to accept, starting with the name of a navy commander, described as "Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz." What the heck sort of name is that? Could be any one of a dozen different nationalities. But any time a naval officer gets arrested, you know there will be hell to pay in the sea service. The Navy expects nothing but the best from its commissioned officers, and when one is caught doing something really bad, the Navy has a very red face. This one will be most interesting to follow.

Visduh: I don't know the ethnic background of Misiewicz. Agreed: these were serious offenses. Best, Don Bauder

A U.S. Navy Commander and a Naval Criminal Investigative Service agent-- what a disgrace.

The entire U.S. Navy should hang their heads in shame for the things that go on in Singapore as it is primarily Navy money that turns the wheels there. I cannot think of another country that offers a lower level of human behavior than Singapore.

I agree with you in the main, but saying that the US Navy is the primary source of economic activity there in Singapore is way off the mark. The city-state has many, many sources of money and keeps its people busy bringing it in from the entire globe. Yes, it is a freewheeling place for business; on social matters it is up-tight and anal.

Visduh: Switzerland is similar on a larger playing field. Banking is corrupt but the society is somewhat uptight. Best, Don Bauder

Javajoe25: But don't they administer stiff punishments in Singapore? Best, Don Bauder

Misiewicz is a Cambodian who was adopted by a US woman. If this country had not taken him in he would have faced a life of extreme poverty. The ingrate sold his adopted country out for money and prostitutes. This situation is far worse than it seems. Misiewicz disclosed the positions and travel plans of every ship, placing the entire Navy at risk in the event of war. He should be tried for treason and executed if found guilty.

Burwell: These are serious offenses. But do they hit the treason threshold? Best, Don Bauder

I don't know if this is relevant or not. Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA) was recently found guilty in the Philippines for dumping millions of Hazardous Liquid Waste in Manila Bay and Subic Bay. According to investigation, GDMA also wins bid for US Navy contracts because the price for Hazardous Liquid disposal (which is supposed to be the most expensive of all services) is only 0.04 Dollars per gallon.. But rather than having the waste properly disposed and treated, tankers owned by GDMA simply dump the waste in open sea and on the nearby bay areas. GDMA has no respect for other countries, this is obvious. He likes to do things illegally.

Here are the links to the illegal activities by GDMA in the P.I.:

John_Kleinsberg: Looks like he and his company are bad apples. Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: Agreed -- bad stuff. Best, Don Bauder

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