Two county lawyers disbarred

Moral turpitude involved in Shaber, Biedebach cases

According to the September California Bar Journal, two county lawyers have been disbarred. Craig Shaber, who had been convicted n 2010 for felony tax evasion, was deemed to have been involved in moral turpitude. Shaber and his accountant partner raked in money by obtaining control of shell companies and dumping their shares in the shells for substantial profits. Shaber evaded taxes on those sales and was sentenced to 10 months in prison.

In 2011, James Biedebach of Del Mar had received a 15-month suspension after stipulating to five counts of misconduct. But, says the bar, he did not schedule a meeting with his probation deputy in the mandated time frame, and committed moral turpitude because in a quarterly report he claimed to have met the deadlines for meeting the conditions of probation.


Criminal Lawyers are criminals who have not been caught yet, defending other criminals who have, right? A retainer fee is a bribe that your lawyer pays to the judge so that you get a fair trial. See for some of what I went through.

John Kitchin: In too many cases, you are right. Best, Don Bauder

I do not agree with your thesis, John, which is based on anecdotal evidence. However, I am sorry for what you went through. Many have gone through much worse because they had no lawyer to stand up for them. Like everyone else, some are more competent and ethical than others.

Yankeedoodle: All too many lawyers are unethical. Few informed people would argue with that. Best, Don Bauder

Shaber was greedy. Trying to fill the hole in his soul with toys.

Sorry John but based on what you posted you seem a little crazy.

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