Aguirre: "Put essentials first and wants second."

To enter mayoral race with call for water, infrastructure, electricity improvements

Former City Attorney Mike Aguirre will definitely enter the mayoral race, stressing that San Diego "must put essential things first...put needs first and wants second." Previously, he has been unsure of whether he would enter, despite reports that he was in.

Aguirre will clearly have far less money than the two other candidates, Democrat Nathan Fletcher and Republican Kevin Faulconer. But both Fletcher and Faulconer are clearly aligned with the downtown corporate welfare boosters, as well as construction labor unions, as well as other unions. Thus, Fletcher and Faulconer will be associated with public "wants" such as a heavily subsidized Chargers stadium and the convention center expansion.

This will give Aguirre the opportunity to warn San Diegans of coming crises. For example, if the dry weather in the Colorado River basin continues, power production at Glen Canyon Dam could be shut down in early 2015. Lake Mead and Lake Powell, critical to California's water supply, are at dangerously low levels.

A new book, "The West without Water," warns of the West's looming water crisis. "We have a limited supply of water and haven't made progress," says Aguirre.

"We have 10,000 miles of roads, sidewalks, and water lines in San Diego and they are not being maintained," says Aguirre, noting that spending on street maintenance was cut by $10 million last year.

He also wants the City to negotiate with San Diego Gas & Electric to lower electricity rates, which have consistently been the highest in the nation. He also wants to see rooftop solar spread rapidly without interference from utilities and the California Public Utilities Commission.

The local media may try to ignore Aguirre and these critical topics, but he hopes that serious San Diegans will demand coverage.


This is an improvement, but Aguirre needs to polish his communication skills, and do it quickly. He may have a tough time stomaching it, but he has to do and say things that will draw media attention--and LOTS OF IT!

". . . water, infrastructure, electricity improvements" are not enough--the rabble want bread and circuses. And, he's going to need a lot of volunteers to get out the vote. He needs to look at demographics closely, and get some GENERAL poll questions out there to show that he is in favor of what everybody is in favor of--keeping government out of our lives, our bedrooms, our pocketbooks. In short, he (or, preferably, his friends) needs to hit the streets. He needs some students and some old people.

I've got a broadcast-quality (but non-HD, but large CCD) video camera if someone wants to use it. Actually, high-quality audio audio is more important than picture-quality, and this takes the right kind of microphones and knowing how to use them--I have that stuff too. If the "footage" is exciting enough, the media will use it. "If it bleeds, it leads," is the news-desk dictum. He needs to get out in the field to show what he will do. Slogan: OPEN UP CITY HALL--VOTE AGUIRRE! YOU'RE TOP PRIORITY--NOT THE DOWNTOWN FAT CATS! A Mayor that HEARS YOU--AGUIRRE! Your readers can no doubt do better than this, but they need to get moving now!

Of course he needs a website--a very well engineered and designed one. He can post his own footage on there, and he can play the underdog label for all it's worth.

This is just a start. But there's no time for perfection, just avoiding mistakes. I'm gonna be out of commission in October--maybe longer

Twister: The mainstream media certainly want bread and circuses. The question is whether the people want them, given the desperate water situation, the rundown infrastructure, etc.

The media are already trying to pretend that Aguirre doesn't exist, arguing that a runoff would cost the City money. The U-T and other media, particularly TV, want a stadium and can't understand recondite water, electricity and infrastructure problems.

Aguirre will have to figure out how to get his message to the people without much help from local media. Best, Don Bauder

Don: the time for them to worry about the cost of elections was before they made this one necessary.

Yankeedoodle: So true. Best, Don Bauder

Aguirre in the race will, IMO, force a runoff, as no one will get 50%+1 of the vote.

aardvark: Since either Faulconer or Fletcher would be a victory for corporate welfare, a runoff would definitely be preferable. Best, Don Bauder

I'm on his side, like Twister, I'm ready with unrequested advice. "needs' is stronger than "essentials". Try "I'm fighting for better roads, plumbing. and electricity, things we all need, my opponents and the Downtown Interests plan to waste your tax dollars on playthings we can't afford.". Whatever the speech, I wish Michael Aguirre success as he aims the cannons at City Hall.

Psycholizard: Your words would make good slogans, too. "Needs" is probably stronger than "essentials". "Playthings" is a good political pejorative. Best, Don Bauder

Psycholizard: That's a good line for Aguirre to use. Best, Don Bauder

uphill battle for mikey. he is yesterday's news. an old face with an unattractive antagonistic history who tends to come across as an angry white man politician. ha, we recently already had filner in that role. and mikey will repeat as his own version of being an angry annoying firebrand. but if his role in the election is to bring up the issues that are mentioned here, the so-called "needs", then good for him. but that's just talk and he'll have show that he is a doer who can get those practical "needs" done if he were to even have a chance of winning. otherwise another candidate who has a bigger longer "needs" list of getting things done may win while also harping on the "wants" issues to show future progress. you can count me as waiting for mikey's eventual press conference when he "suspends" (quits) his campaign.

"Angry Mikey". That's your refrain, Me, and you're sticking with it, one can count on you for that. There are a lot of people on the list of candidates, so it should be an interesting mix.

Yankeedoodle: MeReader says others are angry. He never looks in the mirror. Best, Don Buder

MeReader: Trouble is, the opposition, Fletcher and Faulconer, can talk about doing something about infrastructure, water, electric rates, and not mean a word of what they say. Both want a downtown stadium, but they can pretend they are concerned about "needs." Best, Don Bauder

I am more inclined to vote for Aguirre than I ever was for Filner. Aguirre is annoying because the so-called powerbrokers downtown see him as a threat, even though they will pretend his campaign doesn't even exist.

aardvark: Yes, Aguirre's biggest problem is that the downtown-dominated media will ignore him. They want a two-man race because both main candidates, Fletcher and Faulconer, are in the corporate welfarists' pockets. Best, Don Bauder

Fix what's broken, like our plumbing, power grid and roads, don't break what isn't broken, like our Stadium and Balboa Park. I would attack the proposed stadium as worse than the one we have. The Balboa Park Tunnel also improves nothing. Big expenditures mean more taxes or less services and maintenance, people shouldn't be asked to pay taxes to support rich men's toys, and our basic needs have been neglected for years..

Psycholizard: Yes, Aguirre should stress that non-essential expenditures like a subsidized stadium mean that infrastructure, neighborhoods and maintenance continue to be ignored. Best, Don Bauder

Don: Yes, he (or Coons) could counter the inevitable "Vision" argument about the pyramids with a Vision of his wage slavery, paved roads, etc.

Yankeedoodle: The other two have no vision -- except visions of dollars flowing into their campaigns. Best, Don Bauder

Aguirre seems to be "one of us" as compared to the other top runners

Murphyjunk: Aguirre will be running against the Big Money/Big Labor captives. Best, Don Bauder

Another Rally at City Hall for Aguirre? Where's Enrique Morales? I can hold a camera or a mike.

shirleyberan: I don't know anything about a rally. Best, Don Bauder

Twister - who does one contact to help this guy?

shirleyberan: I don't know if a campaign has been organized yet. Best, Don Bauder

Don - I think his name might be Marones - I'll have to go back and check it, I'm sure he left a contact email or something. He gets things organized and draws media attention, like he did for Filner. I seem to be wrong a bunch lately.

Psycholizard: I have no idea if he is representing Aguirre. Best, Don Bauder

Don't know who he supports, and I've asked. Any progressive candidate should call on him in person.

Only a strong grassroots campaign by Aguirre can save the City from the Stadium desire crowd, Big Unions, and developers.

Aguirre is a bit of an elitist himself. He brings to San Diego a message of maturity and adult responsibility, a message few want to hear right now. But we will pay a very heavy price should our city not have water. Water is increasingly a commodity that is privatized.Otay Mesa was privatized in the 20s......

Agurrie needs to reach labor to win. So far, Fletcher is ahead in gaining figherfigters' associtions' endorsements. At my firm in Santa Monica, we represented 17 figherfighter association from Ventura to Manhattan Beach.

Aguirre needs to resonate emotionally and find grassroots issues for voters. That requires a groundgame with netroots. He can force at least a runoff - this alone gives him a much needed voice.

Opposing construction projects does not help with many unions.

Diogenes: When he was city attorney, Aguirre got in trouble with labor unions for trying to straighten out the pension mess. So did Frye. However, I do not think Aguirre should modify his views or soften his approach.

When asked if he opposes the convention center expansion, he should say, "Absolutely." When asked if he opposes a subsidized downtown stadium for the Chargers, he should say the same -- "Absolutely." Best, Don Bauder

Absolutely. Honesty. It can win, but it takes hard work. If honesty loses, the consequences will chip away at the hold the liars and deceivers have on "the public."

Don, perhaps you and your readers would care to consolidate the various links to information about how they can participate, at the grass-roots level or otherwise, in the pre-election process?

Read closely, Aguirre doesn't oppose construction spending, he wants better water, power, and streets. When asked about the proposed Stadium he should say he's for fixing our children's playgrounds before building one for adults.

Mike Aguirre is obviously the best qualified for the job, if not Lori SoldaƱa or Marty Block, who would also work out. The voters mandated a VERY LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, so let us go with that. Toad Glorious (Todd Gloria), Sinkhole DeMaio (Carl DeMaio), and above all Nathan Flasher (Nathan Fletcher) are all super-conservative Republicans, and Fletcher seems to waffle into a different party every ten days. What is his political party now? Communists For Better Social Action?

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