Justice at last? Scripps snakebit in Florida

Eastern Indigo Snake could thwart its expansion plans

As reported here since 2004, Scripps Institute in North Palm Beach has been setting records for corporate welfare. Beginning in 2003, La Jolla's Scripps Research Institute wangled a $600 million subsidy from the State of Florida to set up a branch there. By 2011, it had 400 jobs -- costing the state well over $1 million per job. Last year, it had 545 jobs -- still more than $1 million per job.

Now, Scripps wants to expand in Florida into the Briger Forest, land that is prized by South Florida environmentalists. Those environmentalists have filed a notice of violation with federal agencies, claiming that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Army Corps of Engineers overlooked legalities in giving the nod to Scripps. The forest is home to storks, egrets and, most importantly, six threatened Eastern Indigo snakes. The environmentalists, including the Sierra Club, say Scripps is violating the Endangered Species Act.

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viewer: Fruitcakes there. Best, Don Bauder

Don - if Faulkoner is elected it's no good. If the numbers are, say, 10% Aguirre, 20% Alvarez ( remember Saldana threw her support there), 30% Fletcher it divides the vote so much that the highest number can be Republican, not Democrat. Nobody can magically make Aguirre more popular, and John Q. Public is obviously so dumb he will actually vote for a stadium. My opinion.

shirleyberan: Faulconer and Fletcher would both be a guarantee for a Chargers stadium 70% to 80% financed with taxpayer money. Best, Don Bauder

Shirley: I am still voting for Aguirre. He is popular with me, and I have always liked his personality and sense of humor as well as his intelligence. There is no reason for him not to be popular, and in the first election I think it is important to vote for the person you want to do the job. I can see an alternate theory, but at this time I do not subscribe to it.

Yankeedoodle: Aguirre was dispiteously smeared by the U-T when he was city attorney trying to take power from the downtown corporate welfare crowd. Of course he is not popular. Best, Don Bauder

It might be better for Papa Doug's bottom line if he embraces Nate Fletcher as San Diego's next mayor. With all the vendors and engineers traveling for business meetings at Qualcomm headquarters, Paul Jacobs could fill all the empty hotel rooms at the Del Mar Grand if he was inclined to. Papa Doug needs to wake up and help Nate Fletcher and himself.

Burwell: Would Qualcomm shareholders put up with vendors and other corporate guests staying at the pricey Grand Del Mar? I suppose the shareholders don't count with the Jacobs family having so much clout in that company. Best, Don Bauder

Do Qualcomm shareholders have any notion of what's going on inside Qualcomm? I doubt it. They look at the bottom line, and so far they are satisfied with it. Many securities analysts are in love with the company and its stock.

Visduh: The institutional shareholders that control most big blue chip companies do not give a hoot about internal affairs -- including outrageous management salaries -- as long as quarterly earnings look good. Best, Don Bauder

Where do we write to un-guarantee a taxpayer funded stadium then? Governor Brown?

shirleyberan: I am afraid there is no one to whom you can write to guarantee that San Diego will not get a football stadium, or combined stadium/convention center, 70% or 80% funded by taxpayers. Sorry. Best, Don Bauder

RE: "Scripps Institute in North Palm Beach" Correction: Scripps Florida is actually located in Jupiter, FL, in Palm Beach County. This was easy to check. More FAQs are here: http://www.scripps.edu/florida/about/facts.html As for the environmental activists' hissy fit, who really gives a fig about the Eastern Indigo Snake population? The biomedical research Scripps does to save and prolong human lives is a lot more important than a snake. And it's definitely more important than this blogger's article.

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