Man's cell phone video is used against him

Daniel Hood is accused of videoing himself abusing a 9-year-old girl

A 13-year-old boy who saw disturbing pictures on a man’s cell phone secretly took the phone and brought it to his father.

The father said his son told him, “You got to see what’s on this guy’s phone.” The father said he looked at photos and videos on the phone and saw “weird stuff that really bothered me.” The concerned father said, “I had a talk with my son, the right and the wrong.”

The father, Charles Bryant, testified as a witness this morning in superior court.

“I seen this guy Daniel,” Bryant told the jury. He said he has known Daniel since they went to grade school together, and 43-year-old Daniel Hood was a guest at 41-year-old Charles Bryant’s home in Norco for a few days in January 2012.

The witness said he saw Daniel Hood on the phone “messing around with” a little girl. Because Bryant knew “this is not right, this is wrong” he said he first tried to hand over the cell phone to the local police, in Riverside County. But the Corona police officer declined to pursue the matter, instead telling Bryant there were problems of jurisdiction. So Charles Bryant next contacted the FBI.

FBI agent Heather Koch met with Charles Bryant and accepted the cell phone as evidence and began an investigation. Agent Koch also testified today, May 28, 2013.

Daniel Roger Hood, 43, is now on trial, charged with 11 felony counts of child abuse. Hood pleads not guilty to lewd acts with the 9-year-old daughter of his girlfriend, with whom he was living in Oceanside in 2011.

Prosecutor Keith Watanabe claims that Hood’s cell phone contains multiple videos and still photos that the defendant took of himself while he abused the little girl. At the end of one video clip the camera panned up and caught the face of the perpetrator, prosecutor Watanabe told the jury.

Multiple video clips were shown to the jury today. Sometimes the little girl can be heard speaking to the person who is videoing her, a couple of times she calls him “Daniel.” The alleged victim, now 11 years old, is expected to testify tomorrow.

The defendant could face 116 years to Life in prison if convicted of all charges, according to prosecutor Watanabe.

The jury is expected to hear evidence all week, before the Honorable Judge Blaine Bowman, in San Diego’s North County Superior Courthouse.

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Hats off to the kid for being smarter than the piece of #@$*. I think in cases like this you can throw expectation of privacy out the window. Right? Might want to see where this stands because a good lawyer might get him out on appeal. Hope not but, thats a cold hard reality we live with due to our imperfect system of justice. I'd like to believe however, that our system is alot better than say Mexico, who doesn't believe in the adverserial procces like we do. So don't mess up in Mexico! Nice pictures! Hey Hoodie, let your soon to be neighbors on the yard see that sweet tatoo declaring you a hood. Then after they read your paperwork,(which they will get their hands on!) just wait for them to come calling. That ain't a tuna casserole they're bringing to welcome you home.

It's not completely clear to me just what you were getting at. But I think it had to do with how the cons treat child abusers, and it ain't nice. Based on what Eva has reported so far, I'd say his chances of beating the RAP are very poor. After all, the camera doesn't lie (or can it?)

I'd guess he's convicted and can look forward to a short, brutish life in prison before he dies there.

The case has been closed. You all should stay tuned for Eva Kott's latest story.

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