Thomas Jefferson School of Law low in employment stats

More than one-third of 2012 grads unemployed

According to a story in the Sacramento Bee, 33.9% of 2012 graduates of San Diego's Thomas Jefferson School of Law were unemployed nine months after graduation. The data are from the American Bar Association. Jefferson had the highest unemployment rate among 21 California law schools. The unemployment rate was 21.7% for California Western School of Law grads, and 11.1% for University of San Diego grads. The lowest rate was 1.7% for Stanford's law school.

The bar association also reported on the percentage of 2012 law school grads with a full-time job requiring a law degree nine months after graduation. Jefferson was 19th at 31%, Cal-Western 9th at 47.1% and University of San Diego law school 8th at 47.5%. Again, Stanford was tops at 91.2%.

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Don Bauder’s story on California law school post-graduate employment statistics needs some context. More than two-thirds of our Thomas Jefferson School of Law graduates are employed nine months after graduation and our students continue to land excellent positions in the legal field – in many cases they are finding their “dream job.”

Moreover, California law school graduates don’t find out whether they pass the bar exam until almost seven months after a May graduation – and many wait until they are licensed attorneys before beginning their job search. Many law school graduates also use their juris doctor degrees in occupations outside of legal practice. A law degree is valuable in quite a few professional pursuits, including business and politics. For example, Mayor Bob Filner’s Chief of Staff, Vince Hall, is a 2008 TJSL graduate, and Randy Frisch, the new Vice-Chancellor of National University, is a 2009 graduate.

Our current law students are on an incredible run of obtaining prestigious internships and fellowships that will undoubtedly lead to more of them finding those “dream jobs” after graduation. Please see our website ( for further information.

Susan Bisom-Rapp, Professor of Law, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Susan Bisom-Rapp: You should do your complaining to the American Bar Association, which publishes the figures. Also, for the most part, your complaints also apply to competing law schools. And Jefferson is in last place among those schools, with the highest unemployment rate. Best, Don Bauder

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