Oceanside gangster sent to California state prison this week

George Leno Orozco admitted meth sales

A 24-year-old Oceanside man admitted selling methamphetamine for benefit of a criminal street gang, in a plea deal he signed last month, February. In the deal, five other felony drug charges were dismissed, as well as a misdemeanor charge for “contempt;” he was charged with violating a judge’s order attempting to “restrain” activities of gangsters.

George Leno Orozco, said to be a member of the Posole Locos gang, was sentenced to 6 years in prison this week, on March 26, 2013.

Oceanside Police held a press conference in October 2012, announcing the arrest of Orozco and eleven other persons, for various drug and weapons charges. Orozco was especially targeted because of his prodigious sales of meth, according to Oceanside Police Captain Ray Bechler.

Police Chief Frank McCoy stated, “Today is a very good day for us, here in the city of Oceanside.” The chief said more than a pound of meth was captured, two stolen vehicles were recovered, and more than $8,000 cash was seized in a multi-agency effort.

Two weeks after his high-profile arrest, Orozco was released from custody. Papers in his file showed he paid $15,000 as a “premium” to Aladdin Bail Bonds, who then posted a $150,000 bond on his behalf. The admitted drug dealer was free on bond since October 25, 2012.

Prosecutor Terri Perez filed papers with the court trying to prevent release of the prisoner. She declared: “I believe that the defendant has access to large amounts of cash….from the sale of narcotics.”

The prosecutor stated in court papers that Orozco has a “strike prior” for possession of drugs for sale, that conviction was in August 2006. That case also had gang allegations attached, and was decided in juvenile court when Orozco was 17, according to records.

Prosecutor Terri Perez commented on Orozco’s most recent sentence: “Because it’s a strike, the time will be served in State Prison, not local custody. This will also increase his penalty for any future felony offenses.”

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