Over 10 tons of drugs seized in Baja California Sur

5 tons of crystal meth and 5 tons of marijuana confiscated near San Ignacio

More than ten tons of narcotics were seized over the weekend near the remote Baja California Sur town of San Ignacio. The Ministry of National Defense released information regarding the seizure on Sunday, March 24th, but did not disclose the time of the operation which resulted in the arrest of two suspects. More than five tons of crystal methamphetamine and five tons of marijuana were found hidden in a semi-truck’s trailer, which was intended to carry fuel.

San Ignacio is a remote town off of Highway 1 in the central part of the Baja Peninsula. The town is approximately 624km (388 miles) north of La Paz and 853km (530 miles) south of Tijuana.

Conflicting reports have emerged stating that the semi-truck was either traveling to or from Hermosillo, Sonora. Narcotics are frequently transited across the Gulf of California to Baja California Sur for Pacific shipping points.

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