Appellate court refuses to stop closed CPUC meeting

Utilities commission can go ahead with closed conclave tomorrow at Scripps Seaside Forum

The Fourth District Court of Appeal today (March 19) denied a bid by San Diegan Masada Disenhouse to block a meeting tomorrow of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) at Scripps Seaside Forum. The CPUC will be discussing cleantech. Disenhouse is an activist who is a member of, which pushes for awareness of climate change, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and a clean energy future. But she was denied entrance to the meeting. Her attorney, Maria Severson, filed to block the meeting on the grounds that the CPUC is required to hold its meetings in public, and the secret meeting is a violation of the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act. Superior Court Judge Timothy Taylor said his court had no jurisdiction, and recommended that the case be taken to the 4th appellate district. The appellate court denied the request. "I am going to formally appeal the case," says Severson, noting that the appellate court didn't hear the case on its merits. That gives her the opportunity to take it back to the appeals court for consideration. "I am not giving up the fight," she says.

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whatever goes on in these meetings probably is of no consequence, I would suggest what ever they do was decided long beforehand. ( maybe their handlers told them what to decide)

Murphyjunk: Whatever goes on at that meeting may be of no consequence. But it may be of great consequence. Remember, CPUC commissioners, as well as government officials involved in energy, speak in an arcane code. Best, Don Bauder

"Whatever goes on in these meetings". . . .is obscured--it is secret.

There is not a business meeting format that ensures that ex-parte communication rules (that were reported to be applicable to the stakeholder meeting in the exclusive-invitation) or that any rules/laws/ethics that the CPUC are bound by are effected. No webcast, audo-recording, roster of speakers/attendees, agenda, zip! Yes, a secret, conclave.

This is a corrupt, insiders, hijacking of, by, and for the CPUC & their industry partners for the benefit of those they serve. Themselves.

Californians lose by standing by passively as though powerless. Demand an investigation of law and ethics, or absence of it, by the CPUC.

vitalinfo: Excellent points. The secretiveness and corruption of the CPUC should be front and center with Californians. It is ratepayers who are getting fleeced by utility/CPUC collusion. Best, Don Bauder

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