Neurologists recommend stricter concussion guidelines

One risk factor is presence of gene that often leads to Alzheimer's disease

The American Academy of Neurology, meeting today (March 18) in San Diego, issued new guidelines for dealing with athletes' concussions. More than one million athletes experience a concussion each year in the United States; the risks are greatest in football and rugby, said the academy. The neurologists recommended that athletes with suspected concussions be immediately removed from a game and not be permitted to return until assessed by a health care professional trained in concussion. If adopted by schools, this could have a profound effect on the sport.

Among other findings: an athlete with a history of one or more concussions is more susceptible to being diagnosed with another; the first ten days after a concussion represent the greatest risk period for getting another; there is no clear evidence that one type of football helmet is better than another in protecting against concussion, and longer exposure to a sport is a big risk factor.

The academy also says that the existence of the ApoE4 gene is a risk factor. This is the gene that makes people three to eight times more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease.

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gotta protect those entertainers from each other.

Murphyjunk. But many sports participants are not entertainers. For example, rugby is cited. How many college students turn out for rugby games? Best, Don Bauder

Is money collected to see the games?

If one watches the game and is entertained, what is it then?

Murphyjunk: If it's just a pickup game, there is probably no charge. I doubt if there is a charge to see Pop Warner football games. This is true of high school and college tennis matches, etc. But your point is well taken: athletics is basically entertainment. Best, Don Bauder

The headline writer fixed the misspelling. Good.

Visduh: What was the misspelling? And whose? I missed it. Best, Don Bauder

It was, I think, misspelled "neorologists." Maybe a neo-con error.

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